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Brands Exclusive - Up to 70% Off Paul Frank Clothing & Accessories

Posted By: kazyazy, posted 2010/01/25 09:38
Up to 70% Off Paul Frank Clothing, swimwear, stationary & Accessories. I think the prices are great and worth checking out.
*At 4pm they put the prices up which is very disappointing.
  • kazyazy2010/01/25 09:42:28

    Only $4.48


    Only $8.98


    Only $13.48
  • sili2010/01/25 10:39:37
    INVITE to join brandsExclusive ==> LINK
  • heremo2010/01/25 10:43:55
    Oh Thanks Sili
    That was my very next question on how to be invited. Appreciated
  • Rebekah762010/01/25 11:08:09
    so join - then invite your friends - and reap the rewards!
  • golfwidow2010/01/25 11:11:51
    Sorry Rebekah76 but we don't allow referall links on here ;)
  • fairybelle2010/01/25 12:00:11
    When i click through there is no paul frank sale?
    Im confused
  • kazyazy2010/01/25 12:19:33
    When i click through there is no paul frank sale?
    Im confused

    Now Im confused lol

    I clicked through the buckscoop link and it wasn't there, so I clicked through the email and it came up as coming soon but says it starts today at 3pm but I was in the sale this morning. Either they changed the start time or site is having problems or its sold out :confused:
  • kazyazy2010/01/25 14:57:32
    Now it says 4pm ???
  • lilpretzel2010/01/25 15:18:41
    Talk about crappy... I had to drop my daughter off at work this morning, added stuff to my cart came home and they changed the sale.. :(

    I wonder if the items will be the same price? The baby stuff was a real bargain as well..
  • fairybelle2010/01/25 15:25:16
    How strange, I got the email this morning and it had sales on now. ?? Anyway, Will have a look at 4pm if im around.
  • lilpretzel2010/01/25 16:05:08
    I'm soooo MAD.. They have increased the prices :mad:
  • queenshrew2010/01/25 16:08:00
    hrm...it's open now, and everything seems to be a lot pricier!

    The thongs are now $9 each and the bag is now $20!
  • lilpretzel2010/01/25 16:13:12
    LOL Now the bag is back to $13.48

    I'm still not buy the stuff I wanted, the baby rompers have gone up $5 :(
  • kazyazy2010/01/25 20:42:05
    I thought maybe they had stuffed up the prices, they seemed very cheap this morning. I wish I bought the things I wanted earlier. :(
  • kazyazy2010/01/25 20:45:42
    I just checked it out the prices sure have gone up :mad: :(
  • fairybelle2010/01/26 23:31:52
    Nothing that I wanted... everything was sold out..

    I think they did a COTD to us.....

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