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Bing Lee discount coupon - $50 off a Garmin Nuvi 1690 (010-00822-20) GPS - $519.

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Posted By: Donkey, posted 2010/05/12 16:58
The Garmin Nuvi 1690 was released in Feb 2010. Its the newbie generation and uses proprietary NuLink to keep your GPS hooked up to the internet so that it can milk google for data on the areas your visiting. Its mostly aimed at petrol stations and other information - I'd personally like to have a look to see how good the info is but from what I can find its a neat function.

The $50 off voucher brings the Bing Lee price down to $519 which is good. Being a fairly new unit the selling price elsewhere is still around $550 upwards.

Garmin also offer the current map guarantee such that your first update (if within 60 days of buying) is free. Subequent updates are either at a once off price or lifetime subscription. The once off price is 50% of the lifetime subs but I cant see why you'd need to update the maps more than once.
Expiry date:2010/05/16
  • Donkey2010/05/12 17:05:30
    More information on nulink services can be found here.

    Some of it is pointless crap - like Ciao, the currency converter, the weather (look out the window) and I'd argue the flight arrival checker. The google local functionality is probably great in America, ok in most large cities but I suspect crap in regional areas.

    I imagine the real time traffic and fuel prices would be handy functionality.
  • Donkey2010/05/12 17:17:49
    Just had a bit of a look at google local to see what it was like. it At least it gives back some results when you search on small country towns (I picked a local West Oz railway siding which got me 4 pages of results vs the nearby 'regional centre' town which still only got me 4 pages - and its a bit random. Hit the 'whats nearby' button and google just serves up whatever businesses its indexed for the area. In the small railway siding search it was about 50% local farmers listed.

    Searching Fremantle gave me a bunch of listings in the local area but again they're all just business listings. I think the idea garmin have is good but these guys really need to sit back and get rid of this dumb idea that proprietary and limited functionality subs based services (nulink is subs) are the way to go.

    What might be better is for the GPS to be opened up to true local stuff - like foursquare, qype, yellowpages, etc. But then mobile apps are doing that.

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