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Babylon 5 - (all 5 TV seasons [6 DVD sets]) - $24.98 each @ JBHIFI online

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Posted By: Wally, posted 2008/03/10 16:03
For those that remember and enjoyed the Babylon 5 Sci Fi series with all the interstellar drama and intrique with those memorable characters Londo, G'Kar and Garabaldi to name a few here is the complete 5 TV seasons, with each season set reduced to $AU 24.98 each
Item on sale at this price until 17 Mar 2008
Packaging: 6 DVD Box Set
TV Standard: PAL
Format: 6 DVD
Region: Zone 2 4
Running time:
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Audio: Dolby Digital 5
Expiry date:2008/03/17
  • jdstacey2008/03/10 16:26:05
    Got a hot from me.

    Almost bought these the other day - but it's cheaper to buy the full set (all 5 seasons + movies + crusade + lost tales) from amazon.co.uk


    82.97pounds which is about AU$185.
  • Wally2008/03/10 19:50:35
    Interesting .. prefer to keep my money with Aussie stores personally .. but when a screaming bargain beckons one must weigh up the options

    What would Amazon UK charge for delivery for a large combined item like that?
  • jdstacey2008/03/10 21:08:27
    It's one large box set.

    Interestingly enough - when I go through the checkout process, it actually comes up at 68.91pounds or about AU$153!!!!!

    Delivery is under 4pounds (~AU$8.90) for airmail (8-12 working days) or 21.48pounds (~AU$47.70) for express (2-4working days).

    So - 72.49pounds delivered = ~AU$165!!

    I should post that as a separate deal - that's hot!!! lol :p
  • admin2008/03/10 21:14:29
    I'm a bit confused here. If you take wally's deal the 6 dvd's will cost you $149.88 before delivery - both amazon deals come in above that - so factoring in postage the price difference is negligible. Am I missing something here?
  • jdstacey2008/03/10 21:23:48
    The JB HIFI deal only includes Season 1-5 of the show.

    The amazon deal includes seasons 1-5, the spin off series Crusade, all the B5 movies, and the Lost Tales. And it comes in a box as a complete set.

    Basically - more stuff :)
  • Wally2008/03/10 21:28:55
    More Stuff for Less :p

    I suppose most DVD players are easily made Region free nowadays .. so the Region 2 format wouldn't be a problem :twisted:

    ps: did you buy it jd ?
  • jdstacey2008/03/10 21:37:47
    Yep - just bought it then :-)

    Complete B5 Series - 68.91pounds

    Also got Andromeda Season 5 (got the first 4) - 16.14pounds

    Add 5.07pounds for delivery and I've got both for ~AU$200. Very very happy with that! :-)
  • ScarletRubies2008/03/10 22:39:36
    The reason stuff is cheaper with Amazon.co.uk when you go through checkout is because they take off VAT which doesn't apply to international orders... sweet!!! :)

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