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Another great deal from Bankwest term deposit Direct. $40 cashback

Posted By: narut, posted 2007/09/03 01:51
The rate already are competitive + $40 on top of that.
current rate:
3 months 6.70%p.a.
6 months 6.80%p.a.
12 months 7.00%p.a.

"Enjoy the security of a fixed rate of return over a specific period of time. With up to 6.85%p.a., the new bankwest tddirect online term deposit offers a better return than the big four banks. Furthermore, you can choose from a selection of terms so you neednt lock your money away for more than you need to: 3, 6 or 12 month terms with no account fees and a low minimum opening deposit of $1,000. Visit the BankWest website for more information or apply here"
  • admin2007/09/03 17:08:32
    They are very good interest rates arent they. 7% .... ! I sort of figure the Reserve bank is going to have to cut interest rates sooner or later.
  • Brad2007/09/03 17:18:36
    low minimum opening deposit of $1,000

    I wouldn't call it low...

    Nice deal if you've got the money though!
  • ScarletRubies2007/09/03 17:44:41
    $1000 is low for a term deposit. This is the first bank account I've seen for a while (but I haven't been looking) that actually has a rate of return for that kind of deposit. There are very, very few savings accounts in existence AFAIK.
  • nod2007/09/03 19:53:10
    I think this is a really good offer - 7% interest for 12 months term deposit is pretty good.
    I am tempted :D
    Thanks for the deal Narut
  • narut2007/09/03 20:22:58
    I just crunch the number and found that with $1,000 deposit for 3 months + cashback, the effective interest rate is 22.7% p.a.
  • nod2007/09/03 20:40:14
    Nice one Narut!
    You don't can't complian about that kind of interest rate
  • louislau2007/11/07 18:47:49
    does anyone know if the cashback will work more than once?
  • admin2007/11/07 19:14:16
    no it wont louislau.

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