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AMP First 4.35% bank account

Posted By: wfdTamar, posted 2009/04/20 19:32
Just saw an ad on the tv for this. No minimum, standard type bank account 4.35%

(put $1 as the price because I had to put something)
  • nod2009/04/20 21:17:26
    nice find wfdTamar. Good that you don't need to deposit a set amount each month
  • wheadle2009/04/20 22:35:51
    If you do have 5k this deal is a little better. Rabo have 4%
    Bankwest Regular saver offer 6% if you
    Simply deposit between $50 and $500 per month, with no withdrawals and link the Regular Saver to another eligible Bankwest Account
    . I use this to move money around and get the best interest while having an account that I use as the working account
  • wfdTamar2009/06/12 13:10:42
    Just made 8.5% in 2 months with an ANZ Online Investment Account (invests in the ASX200) by a judicious buy then sell (first dabble in stock market - I feel dirty)

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