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Amazing Chef - $1 + $14.95 P&H at Global Shop Direct

Posted By: lisss, posted 2008/04/09 11:57
Amazing Chef
The AMAZING multi purpose kitchen appliance!


Introducing the Amazing Chef - the perfect kitchen appliance that is so versatile and powerful that you will use it every day!!! With the Amazing Chef, you can prepare fresh meals in seconds, grind coffee in seconds, make baby food in seconds, make cocktails and healthy fruit smoothies all in seconds.

The Amazing Chef is a food processor for delicious salsa. It's a powerful chopper that chops onions without the tears and it's a big sized blender for frozen margaritas! The secret is the powerful motor that circulates and drives the food into the supercharged cutting zone. Mix an omelette in seconds, make your own fresh protein shakes and then attach the sipping ring and your container becomes your glass. Power chop your left overs and then cook in the microwave for a nutritious home made cup of soup.

The Amazing Chefs blades are made to the highest standards of German stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.

What You Get:
1 x High Torque Power Base
1 x Tall cup
1 x Short Cup
1 x Flat Blade
1 x Crown/Chopping Blade
1 x Stay Fresh usable lid
1 x Juicer attachment
1 x Blender attachment (3 pieces)
1 x Instruction Book/Recipe Book
  • MamaK2008/04/09 15:55:35
    I have the big W version of this- saw them today for around $25.

    It was a gift and at first I was a bit miffed at getting such a crap pressie but I actually use it all the time, the juicer is fairly useless though. I do hear the motors burn out quickly but if it comes with a warrenty it has to last at least a year.
  • fairybelle2008/04/09 16:35:58
    are these like the ones that they had on TV...?
  • admin2008/04/09 18:13:00
    :D - One mangy buck huh...
  • lisss2008/04/09 20:00:59
    are these like the ones that they had on TV...?

    Yes the ones from TV, Global Shop Direct is an "infomercial" type sales site.
  • nod2008/04/09 20:09:03
    I can't see that it comes with a warranty :(

    And a rather last 'post christmas sale' don't you think :D
  • voteoften2008/09/29 23:33:05
    still available................

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