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After Easter sale at Darrell Lea

Posted By: mjdsrh, posted 2008/03/23 23:39
Darrell Lea are offering 50% off all easter eggs, bunnies, bilby's and gift baskets. Excellent buy for the nicest chocs.
Expiry date:2008/12/01
  • admin2008/03/24 12:19:49
    Hi and nice to have you posting mjdsrh - you got any examples of good prices on the chocolates??
  • nod2008/03/24 22:00:45
    Welcome to the nut house :flowers:

    Half price chocolate... could there be anything better :D
  • Keeys2008/03/24 22:18:37
    Welcome to the nut house :flowers:

    Half price chocolate... could there be anything better :D

    YES!!! They could give us the other half off as well ;) :p
  • nod2008/03/29 20:46:03
    :D.... now you are taking Keeys ;)
  • admin2008/03/29 20:59:18
    by price per kilo easter eggs really are the biggest money making rort.
  • voteoften2008/03/30 01:59:31
    Myer was 75% off today. I got a few of the novelities - sippy cups with eggs in them, melamine set, etc. Good value on licensed items, the choc was a bonus.
  • admin2008/03/30 09:48:27
    was that just for yesterday voteoften ?
  • craftykiwi2008/04/09 06:44:01
    Not sure why this is expired as I still see 50% off Easter eggs at our Darrell Lea store.
  • admin2008/04/09 08:27:12
    :D - they still there crafty....

    Will unexpire this - keep us posted as to when they go to 75% off - gotta be soon given that we are now into April.
  • craftykiwi2008/04/09 14:52:52
    Had heaps there on Saturday when I was looking for a present for hubby's birthday (loves their licorice). I agree should have well and truely been 75% off by now.

    Likewise was surprised to see Hot Cross Buns at Baker's Delight yesterday despite Easter being long gone. Didn't see the price but didn't see any reduced tickets so guess they are still baking them fresh and selling them at full price.

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