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Advent sale @ Chargrilled (works with 15% code too) - Tees from $12.85 shipped!

Posted By: jayne, posted 2007/12/02 08:29
Chargrilled are having an advent sale on their UK site, where every day they are offering a half price t-shirt. This does not seem to be on the Oz site for some reason.
This also works in conjunction with the 15% off discount code that I just posted.

This means each tee is £5.52 which is AU$12.85 each - not a bad price, when you think that includes shipping worldwide.

So anyway, each t-shirt is only on offer for that day. There are some really funny tees on this site :)
  • jayne2007/12/03 01:30:43
    Day 1 - now finished was:


    Day 2 - available now:

  • nod2007/12/03 09:00:13
    Great idea to combine this sale with a discount code. Although I would have to say these two tees are not making me rush for my creditcard :D
  • MamaK2007/12/03 09:27:22
    I agree Nod, maybe there will be better pickings closer to xmas
  • admin2007/12/03 09:55:24
    I just bought....four....

    - cant get the pictures to load into here for some reason.

    Not of the cheapy ones - wink, white and geeky, prawn star and dealer.
  • jayne2007/12/03 09:57:57
    I just bought....four....

    You bought four of the boobies one?? :w00t:
  • nod2007/12/06 10:54:23
    As this is American based it appears they are still on the 5th
    Here is the tee on offer:


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