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7-Eleven: Munch Money - Get every 5th lunch free

Posted By: leny, posted 2008/10/02 01:20
At 7-Eleven, pick up your free much money card (no sign up required) and get every 5th lunch free. You must buy a participating much product (munch sandwich, hot pastry or wrap) with a much sticker to receive a credit for the lunch.
  • queenshrew2008/10/02 01:43:14
    nice deal :) Hot from moi!
  • leny2008/10/02 01:47:34
    I'm 1 away from my free lunch. :D

    Great for us who work in or frequently go to the CBD.
  • wheadle2008/10/02 07:31:46
    Nice one Leny!
  • admin2008/10/02 16:40:33
    I've never even looked at what 7-Eleven sell - is it any good Leny ?
  • leny2008/10/02 17:04:48
    Some of it's alright.
  • leny2008/10/09 00:54:52
    I still haven't been able to buy my 1 last lunch before my free one.

    But you can get sandwiches for around $5, Wraps for around $6 and the pastries such as sausage rolls for about $2.70 if I recall right. The value in it is that you can buy 5 sausage rolls and redeem your free lunch as a wrap. :)

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