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7-Eleven - Buy 5 Big Slurpees and Receive a Limited Edition Slurpee Tee

Posted By: kazyazy, posted 2010/01/18 17:28
There are two ultra cool tee designs to choose from. All you have to do to get your hot little hands on one is buy 5 Big Slurpees. Each BIG 1.2lt Slurpee comes with a promo code. Enter your 5 codes below and we'll send a limited edition Slurpee Tee. But don't stop there, keep collecting your promo codes and get the other Slurpee Tee too!

And while you're beating the heat with a Big Slurpee, you could also instantly score yourself a Killer Python, a Chupa Chup, a Big Slurpee Straw or a medium Slurpee.
Expiry date:2011/01/01
  • Donkey2010/01/18 18:45:14
    :D - after 5 big slurpies the shirt size is gong to need to be XL.
  • golfwidow2010/01/18 19:10:10
    Holy mackeral. 1.2 litres slurpy? That's huge!
  • NoosieB2010/01/18 19:32:53
    I could throw a 1.2 Litre Slurpie over my head right now, just to cool me down.
    It's 42 degrees in Perth today.
  • kazyazy2010/01/18 19:36:58
    Its so cold in Melbourne I have the heater on
  • modtang2010/01/18 21:24:53
    I am just the type of person to get sucked into this promotion... usually. Lucky I don't like those tshirt designs. Good freebie though. :)
  • nod2010/02/11 20:03:50
    1.2 litres! One kilo of sugar with 200ml of E numbers :w00t: ..... sounds good

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