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50 x Neon Party Glow Bands - $1 and FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING! - ABSOLUTELY MAD! + 4.95% Buckie CB

Posted By: leny, posted 2007/12/25 05:14
We want our members to be glowing on New Years eve, so bite today with PayPal, and well ship this crazy catch for FREE via EXPRESS POST! We know that many of you are having your Christmas Lunch or Dinner and enjoying the company of family and friends today, but wed like everyone to have a chance to grab some of these, so well be releasing these Glow Bands at three different times:

5 PM
>>> Midnight! <<<

So if you miss out, just check the schedule above and get set for the next release!

There is only the midnight release left, and I bet they will be gone VERY soon after the release.

This deal is absolutely crazy - $1 and FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING. (ONLY when paying by PAYPAL)
Expiry date:2007/12/26
  • leny2007/12/25 22:19:42
    Don't forget to go through buckscoop for 4 or 5 cents cashback. :w00t::D
  • leny2007/12/25 22:29:58
    They open it up again and sell more at midnight, Brad. :)

    There are three times; midday (when the deal comes on), there was one at 5pm, and there will be one tonight at midnight (1 and a half hours to go till that one).
  • Brad2007/12/25 22:31:12
    Thats an extra-steaming deal! Hot vote!
    An avid bargain hunter already I see!
  • leny2007/12/25 22:35:12
    Too eager with your moderating privileges I see. :p

    It is an excellent deal, and to be sure to get one, I will be (and recommend for others to do so too) signed in, ready with my Paypal details (or perhaps already be signed into paypal in another window, and you will already be signed in when you go to pay?) and ready to get through checkout as fast as I can. :)

    It depends on whether the stock level goes down when you add it to the shopping cart, or when you pay for it.

    Thank you Brad, and also thank you very much for your help. :)
  • leny2007/12/25 22:38:20
    I wonder if there will be much competition... but I be there'll be enough to make them go fast.

    This is very, very likely to be a one per customer deal.
  • Brad2007/12/25 22:46:28
    It's very good of you to this deal - hopefully it won't ruin your chances!! :D

    Although the competition might not be much as it's Christmas night. :)
  • leny2007/12/25 23:14:03
    Well it's only fair for everyone to have a shot! As I said, I reckon the competition will be good enough to snap them up quick though.

    I hope I don't forget. :o
  • leny2007/12/25 23:23:27
    It's good that we can use their countdown to see when the deal comes on. When it hits ZERO, it's showtime. :D
  • leny2007/12/25 23:35:47
    By the way, I don't see any possible way they could be making money out of this.
  • leny2007/12/26 00:03:22
    All gone within a minute! I didn't get in quick enough!!
  • voteoften2007/12/26 00:07:49
    on now! Stock available.
  • voteoften2007/12/26 00:09:58
    Don;t forget your paypal code "ILOVE PAYPAL"
  • Gallifrey2007/12/26 00:17:38
    at last, I got one!

    they didnt last long, wonder how many were available.....5 only? lol
  • leny2007/12/26 00:20:21
    Oh no! Gone again! lol :prop:

    I didn't get one, or 50 :(
  • lilpretzel2007/12/26 16:10:27
    Will expire this deal.


  • Brad2007/12/26 18:08:08
    I missed out too - :(
    They were all gone just before 12:15 :D
  • leny2007/12/26 22:07:30
    I gave up after it said sold out at 1 minute past midnight; I didn't know they were going to add it at some random time! :D
  • nod2007/12/26 23:26:26
    By the way, I don't see any possible way they could be making money out of this.

    Me neither Leny

    And I think that you will have to be prepared to not receive your cashback too. I can not imagine their is a lot of margin for profit here and I suspect that the 'cashback' will be handed back to Paypal - NOT that they need the cash :D

    But great deal Leny

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