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3.5-inch MP3/MP4-Capable Navigo-GPS Now just $US 126 (Was $US 142.80) delivered @ Dealextreme

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Posted By: sandgroper, posted 2008/07/16 02:09
Be aware Map not included on this model but thats the deal, get your own maps elseware ;-) and you have an up to date unit very cheaply

3.5" Full Color LCD Touch Screen Operation
- Super user friendly interface
- Dual power switches: sleep button for quick restart time and complete on/off switch to conserve battery when not used for a long period of time
- Built-in 1600mAh 3.7V lithium battery lasts up to 12 hours without being plugged in
- Completely English interface
- Plays MP3 music (MP3, WAV, WMA9) and MP4 video (AVI, MPEG, MPG) (Manufacturer claimed)
- Displays Pictures (JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG)
- Displays eBooks (TXT)

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  • sandgroper2008/07/16 02:10:49

    Pros: This is an awesome unit. Poor mans Tomtom.
    Out of the box easy to run Tomtom by simply adding it to the sd card. Awesome user community for hacking the os. Australian Buyers, This unit will run Tomtom 6 with the Latest Sensis R14 maps, IGO with the same sensis maps, MIOMAP with the same sensis maps and Route 66 with older maps. The included video player will play divx out of the box. Videos can be 320x240 at about 400kbps for best playback. Also easy to install other video players of ce apps. The car windscreen mount is very sturdy and the unit hasnt fallen out yet.
    Google for SY885 to find forums and other info on how to hack this unit. Definitely worth the $$
  • wheadle2008/07/16 07:51:33
    Bargain. Nothing in Google about the unit. Reviews?
  • sandgroper2008/07/16 08:35:34
  • bigal2008/07/16 12:03:48
    Windows CE OS Based (supports ActiveSync data transfer) and you can download software for it

    Unfortunately they do not specify what version Win CE it comes with. I would recommend if you can confirm if its Win CE 5 before purchasing.
  • admin2008/07/16 18:09:54
    When it says runs tomtom you mean runs tomtom maps ?
  • sandgroper2008/07/17 02:03:08
    Seems to run any mapping you can throw at it via the sd card ;) ;)
  • admin2008/07/17 08:10:36
    ha - thats a very good way to get the functionality of the bigger brands at bargain price. Nice find Sandy.
  • VillageIdiot2008/08/06 14:13:18
    Everything in DealExtreme is an absolute steal. What else is new? =P
  • sandgroper2008/09/15 19:55:38
    Now just $126 US with free shipping.
  • dustbunni2008/09/27 11:47:12
    Bought one of these

    Nice little unit and omg fast delivery arrived in WA quicker
    than an order i placed on same day from SYdney

    Just a bit confused , as per usual

    were do i go to download gps maps for my region

    read instructions and all i have to do is download onto a SD card and away we go

    thanks for any help you can give :)
  • lilpretzel2008/09/27 13:38:44
    Hey Dustbunni it seems for a liitle extra you could had got the GPS with software here - http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.8333

    Anyway have a read over here - http://www.navsoon.org/navigation-software-f6.html

    Is it a Navgo SY885?
  • dustbunni2008/09/27 14:33:06
    hiya lilpretzel

    checked before bought the moel you showed only had the usa maps
    loaded onto a SD card so was no use to me

    the model has software installed on it just have to download maps onto an SD card apparently it runs any maps just was not sure where to download

    its a Navgo SY885
    microsoft windows powered

    when you turn it on looks just like pic on site

    has an icon for ebooks, video, photos, music and navigation

    was just hoping that someone had maybe been thru same thing and had downloaded maps onto a SD card and could direct me :)
  • queenshrew2008/09/27 17:19:45
    Hi dustbunni,

    From what I gather some people are ok running the Tom Tom software by just downloading and inserting on the SD card. Tom Tom 6 or 7 should work on it.

    I found this forum has lots of info. Maybe you can sign up and get more info from there:

    Essentially you can't just go to the Tom Tom website to download maps as you need to have your Navigo running on Tom Tom software before you can 'upgrade' it to Tom Tom's Whereis new maps.

    There are of course many other different options.. and you'll find them if you have time to read through the forum. Just look up: NAVIGO SYS885 (which is your model)

    Hope you find what you're looking for there..!
  • dustbunni2008/09/27 19:59:52
    Thanks Guys

    g/f called and said her 12 year old has load WA maps i need on a SD card and will drop round tomorrow

    not even going to ask how he did it just going to give him a couple of movie vouchers and ask when i need updates will he do it LOLOL
  • winniblu2008/09/28 01:03:48
    well if he wants to share I will listen :) and then get one myself!

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