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10 FREE Christmas cards from Vista Print PLUS $3.60 cashback

Posted By: nod, posted 2007/09/22 01:56
For a limited time you can get 10 free Christmas cards from Vista Print. There are a few designs to chose from and you can actually customise the front and the inside - which is apparently also free.
You do need to pay for postage
  • admin2007/09/22 17:15:52
    :D - good for those who have ten friends or less
  • jayne2007/09/23 01:53:38
    That'll be me then... ^^^ :D
  • nod2007/09/23 11:43:43
    Good for me as I tend to only send the cards that I absolutely have to. A big waste of paper I think
  • Brad2007/09/23 12:12:00
    :D Christmas already.
  • lilpretzel2007/09/24 22:31:12
    Thought I check this out and see what shipping cost would be.

    Cheapest is $7.50 but it's not giving me 10 free cards :(

    Is there a Coupon?

    Product Total: $13.99
    Shipping & Processing (Slow 21 Days): $7.50
    Total: $21.49
  • admin2007/09/24 23:04:57
    try again lilpretzel. There was an issue with the link. Interestingly - if you add ?GP=9%2F24%2F2007+8%3A59%3A02+AM to the end of the the link you were getting before it gives you the freebie version of that same page.

    :D interesting for me.
  • nod2007/09/24 23:44:53
    The link has them coming up free now
    But the $7.50 shipping is pretty steep
  • lilpretzel2007/09/25 12:03:16
    I have no idea why it's still not giving me the free cards.

    I wanted to use my daughter picture - not free, so tried just a normal card still not free.

    After cashback $3.90 is not bad for 10 cards if I can use my daughters picture.

  • admin2007/09/25 12:14:53
    lilpretzel - can you have a quick look and tell me whether the URL you get when you click through has ?GP=9%2F24%2F2007+8%3A59%3A02+AM at the end of it. It should be htt://www.blahblah/soimething/holidays.aspx and then the ? bit above. The ? bit is what turns that page from not a freebie into a freebie.
  • lilpretzel2007/09/25 12:20:26
    I get - [url]www.vistaprint.com.au/vp/holiday07/[/url] holiday_cards.aspx?GP=9%2F24%2F2007+8%3A59%3A02+AM

    Which is now giving me 50% off
  • admin2007/09/25 12:23:47
    hmmm - when I click through on that link the items on the page show up as free. How computer savvy are you lilpretzel? What I think is happening is that you have a session variable / cookie thats forcing a certain version of the page to be shown to you. Two ways to get around that. One is to delete your cookies / history on the browser and the other would be to use a different browser is you have one installed the latter being the fastest and easiest.
  • lilpretzel2007/09/25 12:31:10
    I deleted my cookies & history before and now tried IE, I still get the same page.


    I'll reboot later and see if that helps.

    Thanks for the help admin :)
  • nod2007/09/25 12:40:06
    The Vista Print freebies offers can be difficult to pin down sometimes
    And they change all the time so the offer may have been removed. At one point they seemed to be changing their freebies every day!
  • lilpretzel2007/09/25 12:52:29
    Look like it nod, because now the link jumps from ?GP=9%2F24%2F2007+8%3A59%3A02+AM to ?GP=9%2F24%2F2007+10%3A48%3A27+PM which is 50 off.

    I'm now totally :confused: will give it another try later when Miss 14 gets off the laptop.

  • admin2007/09/25 13:11:09
    ha - hows that - scumbags. When I go through to the link off Firefox - which is my main browser I get the page still showing them as freebies. When I go through under Safari I get the AM page bouncing to the PM page and the 50% discount that your seeing lilpretzel. I suspect that if I went through and ordered I'd only get the 50% either way. I wonder if it'll revert back to the freebies again later on.
  • nod2007/09/25 14:57:38
    You need to be quick these days with Vista Print
    I will expire this deal I think
  • nod2007/10/08 11:28:32
    New link for the Xmas card freebies too
    Be quick if you want them

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