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1 case 4½ star wines - $85 PLUS bonus 12 bottles cleanskin +free wine rack +cashback

Posted By: Brad, posted 2008/02/17 13:52
Jacks wines currently have an offer where you can get a bonus case of
Cleanskin Chardonnay valued at $49.00 when you buy any Aspen Estate Wine - starting from just $85 a case!!

Bonus offer includes:
Aspen Estate Shiraz
Aspen Estate Chardonnay
Aspen Estate Cabernet Merlot
Aspen Estate Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

So thats 2 cases for $85,
PLUS a bonus bottle of Flip Flop Pink for the first 100 orders.
PLUS a bonus wine rack when you join the Jacks Wine Newsletter OR 5% discount code
PLUS 5.4% Buckscoop cashback!!
  • Brad2008/02/17 13:52:58
  • Brad2008/02/17 13:54:17
    For details on the bonus wine rack, valued at $29.99, click here.
  • nod2008/02/17 14:07:43
    Aspen Estate

    Dupe post... but you did a much better job than I did so I think we should spam mine :D
  • nod2008/02/21 13:13:52
    Looks like this offer is still available and for today only, the first 30 orders get a free hip flask :)

  • ozpete2008/02/21 15:31:13
    wot - no jellybabies included - everything else is being added - or did they forget to fill the bottles with wine ... lol

    BTW I bought AE wine last year from Murphys Aisle, when it was $66 a dozen with 12 cleanskins (also AE just different bottle) - its a VERY GOOD drop, espc the cab/merlot
  • nod2008/02/21 15:51:33
    $66 is a great price!!!
    Thanks for feedback Ozpete
    I always worry about what the wine tastes like in these offers

    And no jelly babies I am afraid... not sure wine and jelly babies really go together :D

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