Scoopon Offers Cheapest Deal on Gold Coast Theme Park Tickets

Planning on entertaining the kids this summer by visiting the Gold Coast theme parks? Well if you are, then make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to potentially save over $700 on a family outing to these attractions with Scoopon.

Even if you only plan on visiting them once, this unlimited access ticket deal gives you exceptional value for money. If you plan on visiting the Gold Coast theme parks more than once though, or you happen to live close enough to visit regularly, the savings you'll be making only increase. Find out how to get your hands on this bargain as well as what kinds of entertainment you can expect at such affordable rates.



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The Deal Basics

With Scoopon's  VIP 16 Pass + Paradise Country ticket offer,  you can expect entrance to the following theme parks:


The major benefits of this ticket, however, is that not only is it much cheaper than buying regular entrance tickets, but it also gives you unlimited admission to the above theme parks from the date you buy the ticket, until 30th June 2016.

Tickets sold on Scoopon for VIP 16 Pass + Paradise CountryTo give you an idea of how popular this ticket is, Scoopon have already sold over 51,100 which is saying something.




The Deal Savings

This Scoopon deal gives admission to one individual (child or adult) at all of the above-mentioned theme parks for $89.99. That is the same price that you would have to pay for one adult admission for a single day at either Movie World or Sea World.

To help put the savings you'll be getting into context, below I have calculated what it would cost (for a family with two adults and two children) to visit these attractions individually:

Movie World

Wet ‘n’ Wild

Sea World

Paradise Country

VIP Magic Pass

Scoopon Deal

Single Adult Admission x 2







Single Child Admission x 2















As you can see from the above, as well as the picture below, purchasing a single admission ticket to each of the four theme parks for individual family members would cost a total of $1,059, including the $4.95 web-booking fee. Not that many families are likely to do this in one trip, but at least it helps give you a better idea of the value that Scoopon's deal offers.

Single admission ticket prices for Gold Coast's theme parks


Basically, the VIP 16 Pass saves a family of four a whopping $703 for a single day compared to visiting all four theme parks and purchasing tickets separately for each.


[Cost of purchasing individual tickets directly via for a family of four to each of the attractions mentioned ]


Now, I should point out that there is another option for people who visit these attractions regularly where you can opt for either a 7 or 21-day pass. Both of these entrance passes include all of the theme parks mentioned above, plus they include admission to Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney.

The passes cost:

  • $99 – 7 day pass
  • $104 – 21 day pass

But besides limiting your access to a much shorter 7 or 21 days, you still end up paying more than you would via Scoopon's VIP 16 Pass giving you access until the 30th of June 2016. do sell one other type of ticket, which is called the ‘VIP Magic Pass’, but this costs $109.99 per person, and provides exactly the same levels of access as the VIP 16 Pass. If you were to buy 4 x VIP 16 Pass tickets, you would be able to save $80 compared to the cost of four VIP Magic Passes. That saving of $80 practically pays for the fourth Scoopon deal ticket. If you don’t know what I mean, check out the table below for more clarity:

VIP Magic Pass

Scoopon Ticket

Adult / Child Admission



Total (x 4 tickets)




So there you have it. If you are planning on visiting any of the Gold Coast theme parks this summer, then this looks like your best bet at getting the cheapest prices on tickets. The Scoopon haven't mentioned an expiry date for this offer, but with over 50,000 having already been sold we suggest it's in your best interest to purchase the tickets sooner rather than later, just in case.

VIP Gold Pass to Gold Coasts Theme Parks


  • charlotte1994
    Are all activities in the water?
    • FisherMan
      Hi charlotte1994, the attractions at Wet 'n' Wild are predominantly water activities. However, the three other theme parks, Movie World, Sea World and Paradise Country have little water based activities. You may choose to swim with the Dolphins in Sea World or you may choose to sit at the front of the crowd to get splashed by large sea mammals, but sitting outside of the splash zone is also available.
      • ajbandanna
        Thanks a lot!

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