Save Hundreds of Dollars by Avoiding Expensive Flight Booking Mistakes

30 January 2017

Travelling by flight for either business or pleasure can prove expensive if done incorrectly. There is no reason to pay full price if you know how to save money booking flights as long as you know how to avoid the following mistakes.

Common reasons for a flight being expensive can sometimes be no fault of your own, but we wan’t to help you recognise when you can avoid these mistakes to give you the best money saving opportunities. You can start straight away on your very next booking.


Learn tricks that travel booking websites use to charge you more money

Browser History

Airline companies have sophisticated technology that can track your search history and browser cache to see if you have been searching for flights in the past. They then use this information to inflate the prices. They know when you have looked at flights multiple times and rather than decreasing the price, they increase it to encourage you to buy before it rises again.

Always search for flights in incognito mode or clear your cache before searching. Personally, I have saved $100 on flights before by using this technique, simply remember to clear your cache and search using incognito mode.


Booking Websites

Websites that show results on flights from a range of different airlines can be a great way to search the market prices very quickly and from one website, but you beware because these third party booking companies like to charge extra booking fees. Best practice to save money booking flights is to use these websites to find the relevant airlines and then try booking the flights directly on the airlines website.


Booking in advance to save money on flightsExpensive and Inexpensive Days

If your holiday or business trip is flexible you should seriously consider checking flexible dates to fly too. Each day will be priced differently by airlines due to supply and demand, for example Tuesdays and Wednesdays are on average the cheapest days of the week to travel. Sundays and Mondays are generally more expensive and can be as much as $100+ more for the same flight. This can be a great way to save money on flights, simply look at flexible options.


Expensive Airports

Certain airports are more expensive to fly into due to taxes and airport fees and that’s why flights into certain airports although they may be close to another can cause the flights to b so much more expensive. If you have plans to travel to the United Kingdom then this is a great money saving tip. The UK have an Air Passenger Duty fee of $120 for one adult economy traveller departing on a long haul flight. If you can book a short haul flight to Dublin for example then the APD is only $20, so if you can afford to add an extra 2 hours to your journey time and get a connecting flight via Dublin then you could save yourself as little as $100 right there.


Online Sales

Airlines will often have sales and you can keep up to date on these by signing up to their newsletter. It’s free to sign up and although the emails may be annoying when you’re not travelling, the money they could save when you do can be totally worth it.

If you still don’t like the idea of signing up to an annoying newsletter then you can check out our money saving vouchers and coupons page for your favourite airlines to see if they have an money saving promo codes.



Buying your tickets at the right time can make all the difference. Buying domestic flights are usually the best at roughly 8-10 weeks before the departure date. International flights are usually at their best prices roughly 4-6 months in advance of the departure date. There can sometimes be last minute sales to fill seats, but a general rule of thumb is to follow these date guidelines to save yourself a couple of hundred dollars.

Finally, if you are looking to book flights and you need a good search engine then have a look at my blog article about the best money saving flight search websites or the other on the best travel apps. These articles goes through the benefits of each website.

Tips and tricks to save money when booking flights

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