How to Find the Lowest Virgin Australia Ticket Prices Online

Those of you looking to visit family around Australia or wanting to travel abroad will be happy to know there are many ways to save money by flying with Virgin Australia. The process of finding a good deal isn’t difficult either, as Virgin has a number of ways which making sniffing out a travel bargain all too easy.

If you’re a veteran Virgin traveller then the following money saving tips might already be obvious to you (e.g. checking Buckscoop for any Virgin Australia promo codes before booking a ticket). But for those of you who aren’t, then these bargain travel tips will show you how to take advantage of Virgin Australia’s best fares, its Thursday happy hour sales and tracking and monitoring price changes on the go so that you never miss a good deal.


Best Fares

Virgin Australia Best Fares

To get the ball rolling you can begin by visiting their ‘Best Fares’ page and start searching for your desired destinations by region. You have two fields at the top where you can fill out where you would like to travel from and to. If you only enter your closest airport city then the page will automatically give you its cheapest fares for flights to a variety of places. In the list of flight options that's displayed, you should also pay attention to the times that these prices will be available. For example, take a look at the image on the right and you'll see that Adelaide to Melbourne is $129 anytime. However, when I scrolled down the list until I got to flights from Adelaide to the Gold Coast, their cost of $159 was shown as only being valid between the 3rd May to the 23rd June (see below).

Time restrictions on prices easily visible on Virgin's "Best Fares" page




Virgin Australia V-mail newsletter sign up for flight discountsSearching for flights and price changes can be an arduous task. Thus it's a good idea to sign up to Virgin’s V-mail newsletter, which will allow you to customise your settings to receive the latest flight sales and special offers, happy hour sales alerts, holiday ideas from Virgin and so on. If you feel the sense of adventure bubbling to the surface then you can explore some of their mystery breaks and event based holidays as well.

If you are a keen traveller and enjoy getting out of Australia then this may be one of the less annoying newsletters that you receive on a regular basis. But if it ever becomes too much, simply log into your account and change your email preferences in just a few clicks.



Happy Hour Flight Sales

Those of you who enjoy a glass of wine towards the end of the week then there is no better time to grab some a glass of vino and get busy travel bargain hunting from the comfort of your couch on Thursday's afternoon/evenings during Virgin's happy hour. The purpose of this promotion is to offer flight discounts and special offers to holidaymakers every Thursday between the hours of 4pm – 11pm. AEDT.

Take advantage of this Thursday sale by browsing specially discounted travel offers, reduced ticket prices and bargain holiday packages. The fun doesn’t stop there either, because Virgin Australia also offer discounted prices during their happy hour on car hire bookings, hotel bookings as well as listing specially reduced prices for velocity members too.

To give you an idea of what to expect during these happy hours, flight prices for Brisbane to/from Hamilton Island can sell for $75, or Melbourne to/from Gold Coast $109. If you want to look further afield then they also have cheap international flights e.g. Brisbane to Denpasar (Bali) for $329.

Virgin Australia Happy Hour flight sales



Bargains on the Go

There is nothing worse than opening your laptop and reading an email from six hours earlier about travel bargains to somewhere you've been dying to visit, then dashing to Virgin's website only to find that all tickets have already sold out. They've made this scenario avoidable though by allowing you to download their mobile app which can keep you up to date on all the latest sales, happy hour discounts, and reduced package deals whilst you're out and about.

The app is available on all operating systems such as Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows on both smartphones and tablets. The best money saving features with this app are that it allows you to monitor happy hour specials in real time, enables you to create price alerts for particular cities or travelling routes and it notifies you when a happy hour deal matches your alerts. Automating your money saving travel search couldn’t be any easier, so I hope you enjoy hunting around for discounted travel with Virgin and if you know any tips that we can share with our users, please feel free to comment below.

Virgin Australia mobile and tablet App on all operating systems

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