Darwin <-> Singapore $99 each way, including taxes!!!

3 October 2008

I'll be in Darwin visiting friends for a couple of weeks this month, and just noticed this news story:

So, now I have booked a flight to check out Singapore for a few days during my trip!! Have always wanted to go there, and now this is so affordable.

Thought all you NT Buckscoopers might enjoy this one :-)

(And those of us who aren't lucky enough to live in the NT, but like to visit!)

For flying Darwin < -> Singapore before the final Tiger flight on that route on October 25.

Buy between 1 Oct 08 and 6 Oct 08, or until seats sell out.

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  • Keeys
    I just went and had a look and travel isn't till next year :( from Darwin to Singapore From A$99.95 one-way Buy period: 1 Oct 08 and 7 Oct 08, or until seats sell out. Fly period: 1 Feb 09 to 28 Mar 09. These internet discounted fares are only available online at [url]www.tigerairways.com[/url]. The fare includes an A$10 discount off the regular fare, which is otherwise applicable to bookings (per passenger per flight) made through our call centre. An additional A$4 will be charged for domestic flights, and A$5 for international flights, for each credit card booking per passenger, per flight sector. Fares are subject to availability. Only available during the stated buy period and for scheduled flights during the operational travel period. Fares are for one way travel only and include all flight related taxes and fees. Fares may not be available during peak periods, public holidays or certain blackout periods. Not available in conjunction with any other promotions or for group bookings. All bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable. Additional conditions apply for stated Flight Combo™. Tiger Airways reserves the right to change, modify and cancel this promotion without prior notice. Refer to [url]www.tigerairways.com[/url] for more details and conditions. Tiger Airways Australia Pty Ltd ABN 52 124 369 008
  • queenshrew
    Oooh nice! Pity Darwin is so, so, so faaar away from us! hehe
  • lilpretzel
    I would love to go back to Singapore, loved the cheap software ;)
  • nod
    So cheap. Darwin and Singapore as actually really close - I forget my school geography. Enthusiast - did you get flights booked for this trip? Or are you meaning for next year?
  • nod
    I need some flights to the eastern states and just found some good ones! Thanks for the post .. a double bonus.. not that I am going to Darwin or Singapore :)

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