8-piece Wilson D-FY Golf Club Set $299 plus shipping - Catch Of The Day

3 July 2012

I'm no pro when it comes to golfing...as a matter of fact, my local pro told me to take up another sport but that was after I had bought my Wilson clubs and I paid a heck of a lot more than $299. So I persist in hitting that little white ball into the trees, into the lake, into the river etc.

I would suggest having a look at these clubs as they have got some very nice reviews online and you would usually pay this price for 3 clubs.

Victoria Shipping $14.95
New South Wales Shipping $14.95
Australian Capital Territory Shipping $14.95
South Australia Shipping $24.95
Tasmania Shipping $24.95
Queensland Shipping $24.95
Western Australia Shipping $24.95
Northern Territory Shipping $24.95

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