Zazz: Superthin USB Bluetooth Dongle $12.80 and FREE Shipping

14 January 2008

Superthin USB Bluetooth Dongle
Bluetooth V2.0, built-in antenna and 3mm thin!


3mm Thin!
Bluetooth V2.0 Compliant
USB UHCI/OHCI spec 2.0 compliant
Output Power: 0~+4dBm
Receiving Sensitivity: -80dBm
Connection: Piconet/Scatternet Support
Supply Voltage: 5v
Power Consumption: Max 90Ma
Software: IVT BlueSoleil
Operation Range: 0-160m
Built-in Antenna
LED Status Indicator
Frequency Band: 2.4Ghz Unlicensed ISm Band
Maximum Data Rate: 5Mb
Sensitivity: -89dBm @ 0.1% BER
BQB Certified
Compatible with: Windows 98-XP. NOT MAC COMPATIBLE

(Hmm, maybe I'd do some research if I were a Vista user considering buying this product.) Anyway, this is quite a good deal, especially considering it's shipped for free.

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  • nod
    MSY have got them for $10 but then of course you need to pay shipping You can grab a Vista Ready USB bluetooth dongle for about $12 not inc shipping from Netplus but it only appears to have a 10m range So with up to 160m for this one $12.80 delivered is pretty good
  • trevorf
    Same thing: 5.65USD incl. postage. Or, the vista compatible version: 7.10USD incl. postage.
  • nod
    Deal Extreme are quite blinding with their prices :eek:

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