Woolworths: Spend $100 each week from 22nd October receive a $20 Woolworths gift card

14 October 2012

Note the start date for this promo is 22nd October 2012 and you need to be an everyday rewards member or u need to sign up as a member to particpate in this offer.

To get the $20 Woolworths gift card you need to swipe your card every time you shop and spend $100 per week for three weeks:
Week 1: 22nd October to 28th October
Week 2: 29th October to 4th November
Week 3: 5th November to 11th November.

You dont have to make up the $100 in one transaction but each week must total $100 spend.

You'll receive your $20 Woolworths Gift Card in the mail by Friday 7th December.

Also you can get qantas frequent flyer points by linking your qantas frequent flyer account and everyday rewards account.

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  • queenshrew
    I have signed up since I shop at Woolies anyway! I like that they don't force you to use the whole $100 in one transaction.. and is tallied up weekly. Getting a bonus for something you plan to do anyway is always nice! :D

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