When is Amazon Retail Coming to Australia and What's in Store?

17 July 2017
When is Amazon Coming to Australia?

Amazon has become the go-to retail destination for consumers in several markets, selling and shipping out millions of products at unbeatable prices. Sadly, though, Australia hasn't really been a part of the party. (Insert collective sob.)

But it's all about to change.

The good news is that Amazon retail is coming to Australia. The bad news is that it's still a way off.


A confirmed launch date is being kept under wraps for now, but rumours suggest it could be late 2018. Soz, guys!

What we do know is that Amazon is hiring staff, the first purpose-built space has been secured in Sydney, and tricky logistics are being nutted out with freight companies (over Tim Tams, ya think?).


Well they don't call it 'The Everything Store' for nothing. We'll see cracking prices loads of goodies, with a focus on local goods, and fast local delivery.

And it gets better:

  • Amazon Prime is a likely offering. It's a paid membership service that will could guarantee quick, free, same-day, or even one-hour delivery of certain items. It also gives members unlimited movie streaming. Yaass!
  • Amazon Marketplace will be able to to be used as a selling platform by anyone.
  • Amazon Fresh could launch in Australia in conjunction with the main website. It means Aussies would be able to buy fresh food and groceries through the site.


In Australia, Kindle e-books and entertainment downloads are available at our local Amazon website.

Amazon Global is accessible to Australians for purchasing international goods across a range of departments; it is just a matter of clicking around to find sellers who will deliver to Australia, and for a reasonable amount. Alternatively, you can use freight forwarders to help make shopping from other markets feasible.

Hang in there shoppers, it's just a matter of time before the online colossus hits our shores and Australia finally joins the retail party. Better late than never, right?

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