Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (January Week 4)

The main brunt of January is over and for those of you who have stuck to your New Years resolutions, I congratulate you. It’s certainly time to reward yourself with a freebie or two. Anyone who joined the gym at the beginning of the year will be happy to hear we also have a couple of great tasting protein bars for you to enjoy.

In todays top Australian freebies blog post we have goodies from the following five companies: Quest Nutrition, Australia Post, Toluna, Karma Kisses as well as the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s expo in Adelaide.


Quest Nutrition – 2 x Free Protein Bars

Quest bars were created for the simple reason of improving protein bar taste. People tend to like to eat for enjoyment, rather than sustenance and that’s something Quest wants to change with its great tasting snacks. Quest Nutrition is so confident in their new recipe that they are willing to give away 2 free bars to anyone who wants to try them. Their new flavours include chocolate cookie dough, cookies and cream, double chocolate crunch, chocolate brownie, white chocolate raspberry, chocolate peanut butter, apple pie and cinnamon roll.

Quest 2 x sample power bars

Expiry Date: 31st January 2016


Toluna – Free L’Oreal Nude Magic BB Cream

As always you can expect something from our most consistent freebee contender, Toluna. This week they are handing out 210 tubes of free L’Oreal Nude Magic BB cream which they will also deliver for free too. Priceline have this product on sale for over $25 so it’s certainly worth getting your hands on a free tube. L'Oreal's breakthrough formula means the product can potentially offer you even skin tone, 24-hour hydration and it also includes SPF 12 and antioxidants for the skin.

Toluna Free L’Oreal Nude Magic BB Cream

Expiry Date: 25th January 2016


Karma Kisses – Free Organic Herbal Tea Cinnamon Sample

Karma Kisses focuses on producing high-performance, high quality natural food and drink, which are powered by nature and supported by science. All of their products are created with certified organic ingredients and this is your chance to try a free herbal tea sample. Their herbal teas ensure high purity, potency and tangible health benefits within every brew.

Karma Kisses Free organic herbal cinnamon tea

Expiry Date: 29th February 2016


Australia Post – Free Special Decimal Currency

Unfortunately, Australia Post is not giving away free money as the title alludes to, which would be fantastic. Instead, they are actually giving away a free stamp that they send within a newsletter. The main reason for this generosity is because Australian Post are launching a new website. It seems likely that stamp collectors will want to get their hands on this little gem since it might soon be something that you have to pay for.

Australia Post free special decimal currency stamp

Expiry Date: 31st March 2016


Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo – Free Tickets Adelaide

The ‘Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo’ in Adelaide commences on the 1st and through to the 3rd of April 2016. The show will be held at the Adelaide showground in Wayville and this is your chance to get free tickets. Try out the latest and greatest baby and children’s products so you can ensure they get the best start in life.

Pregnancy, Babies and Children's Expo free tickets

Expiry Date: 3rd April 2016


  • ajbandanna
    Will I be fat because eating Protein Bars?
    • FisherMan
      Hi ajbandanna, it really depends on how many you eat and how much you exercise. Protein bars are designed to give you a healthy snack, which can be eaten between meals and before or after working out. Moderation is the key to life, so as long as you don't gorge on protein bars and you exercise regularly you won't become fat from eating them.

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