Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (February Week 2)

Buckscoops weekly line-up is here again and we will be looking at the top Australian freebies available this week. As we mentioned previously, if you are just joining us you can have a look at what I wrote about in previous weeks with a good chance of still being able to redeem some of those offers.

This week we see another freebie given from Google, who must be feeling really generous at the moment to give out two freebies in as many weeks. Plus we have a variety of health and beauty products  for both men and women to keep you all looking younger for less.


2GB of Extra Storage for Google Drive

Google are giving you the opportunity to expand your Google drive memory by adding a extra 2GB of memory in exchange for completing a simple security check. Take note though, you will need to complete the check no later than the 17th February. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get the 2GB straight away as Google have stated that they will be automatically updating relevant accounts from the 28th of Feb.

Free 2GB extra for your Google Drive

Expiry Date: 17 February 2015

Burts Bees Radiance Healthy Glow Kit

This week, Skin Care Advisor are giving away a free Burt's Bees Radiance healthy glow kit in exchange for sharing their Facebook post about the sample. They will also need you to fill out a short form which also requires your address so that they can send you the kit. The kit includes 5 individual items and for the full list click here.

Free Burt’s Bees Radiance Healthy Glow kit

Expiry Date: 28 February 2015


Poise Hourglass Shaped Pads

Poise are giving you the chance to try their free sample and get comfortable with their hourglass shaped pads. The shape is designed to help contour to your body for unbeatable comfort and protection. They provide dryness utilising new absorb-loc technology and a unique four-layer design. To try your free samples all you have to do is visit the page and fill out their brief form.

Expiry Date: 28 February 2015


Tena Pads for both Men and Women

zTena are giving away free samples of their pads, which are designed to help people with weak bladders. The company have made both male and female samples readily available upon request. To also encourage you to try their sample without the embarrassment of letting anyone else know, they send the samples in discreet packaging to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

Free Tena pads samples for both men and women


Expiry Date: 28 February 2015


Free Amele sample pack shipped

Amele Sample Pack Shipped within Australia

Amele are again providing us with a free sample kit which is available for limited time and with the restriction of one pack per person whilst stocks last. Upon completing their request form the sample pack will be posted within the following five to ten working days, which means you can expect the following: Essential intimate freshen-up wipe, intimate wash 5ml sachet and their intimate shave 5ml sachet.

Expiry Date: 16 February 2015

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