Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (April Week 2)

Its that time again guys, the end of the week is here and there are more exciting freebies to look forward to. Some of you may be happy or unhappy about the treasurers failing to agree on a new divide of GST, but when you’re getting stuff for free, who cares about GST right?

This week I have the pleasure of bringing you a good variety of products from creams to cycling gear and much more. The companies giving away free stuff this week are Reid Cycles, Simple, BabyLove, Pinch Me and another Toluna test product. Without our readers and their love for freebies we wouldn’t be banging on about them, so please let us know what you think in the comments below.


Reid Cycles gives away Free Ass Save Product in Stores Australia

Reid Cycles – Ass Saver

This week Reid Cycles are giving away up until Sunday what they call free ass savers worth $10. Basically the ass saver prevents riders from getting a wet bottom on a rainy day by acting as a portable mud guard. If you walk into any of their stores before 7pm on Sunday and mention this promo you will get an ass saver. A variety of colours are available as shown in the picture to the right. The products have been designed to universally fit all saddles so even more reason to go pick yours up.

Expiry Date: 12th April 2015


Simple – Facial Wipes

This week you have the chance to get your hands on a free sample of what Simple are calling Australia’s newest cult product. They're marketed as being a healthy product for your skin containing multi vitamins and also being voted the U.K.'s number one facewipe. All you have to do is fill out the form, which requires a few details like name, address, email, and Simple will send you your free sample of cleansing facial wipes.

Simple Free Facial Cleansing Wipe available to view on Buckscoop

Expiry Date: 30th April 2015


BabyLove – Nappy Sample

Usually with freebies you have a choice of colours but not usually a choice of different products. This week BabyLove are giving you a choice of freebies to receive such as DriWave nappies, Nappy pants and sleepy nights pants suitable for new-borns, toddlers and children. These products can absorb 5 cups of liquid which equates to a total of 350ml of liquid or 70ml per cup. See what your little one makes of these unique 360 degrees stretchy waist nappies.

BabyLove Free Nappy Samples available in Australia for Kids of all Ages

Expiry Date: 30th April 2015


Pinch Me – Purina Felix Cat Food

Pinch Me are offering you a free sample of Purina cat food when you sign up to become a member. The cat food samples are a choice of Felix cod in jelly or tuna in jelly, which will be delivered for free to all members who claim them. The key features that will make this treat irresistible to your feline friends are that it's got a good combination of balanced minerals, plenty of vitamins such as D and E as well as having a good source of Omega 3 oils.

Pinch Me Reward new members with Felix Cat Food

Expiry Date: 15th April 2015


Toluna – L’Oreal Hologram Nail Varnish

This week Toluna are limiting the freebies to only 355 members. Sign up to their program in order to receive L’Oreal’s hologram nail varnish but you need to be fast because they are stopping the offer on the 13th April. This nail varnish is quite unique in the sense that it contains elements of glitter which help it appear to dance on your nails as the light catches it. To make things easy, Toluna allow you to sign up using your Facebook account which saves the hassle of entering so many details.

Toluna assign only 355 members L'Oreal's new Hologram Nail Varnish

Expiry Date: 13th April 2015

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