Discount code for 40% off, plus free shipping at ROC Eyewear

If you're in the market for a new pair of sunglasses then the ROC Eyewear discount code valid from 21st to 22nd February is worth a look. ROC Eyewear also offer free shipping so whatever price you end up at is delivered.  I am always in the market for another pair of sunglasses (you can never have too many sunnies) so I thought I'd check out the ROC Eyewear site to see what sort of a bargain I could get.

The first pair that grabbed my attention are these Autumn frames that have a timeless classic look about them, which incidentally is very fashionable right now and are available in various colours.

I checked them out on various reputable sites and they are priced at exactly the same price as they are on the ROC Eyewear site which is $79.99 but then once you have applied the 40% off discount code they are only costing $47.97 which is a bargain in my book and kind of what I would expect to pay for an own brand in store variety.

If your much more fashion forward than I am, then these Calvin Wayfarer's that are also priced at $79.99 are probably worth checking out and finally, these IVY ones are great for channeling your inner Anna Wintour in The Devil Wear's Prada and are priced at $89.99

So, when you subtract that hefty 40% and your getting and these at $47.97 and $53.97 when you apply the discount code.
Remeber also that ROC Eyewear offer  free shipping in Australia.
As I said before I can't find them anywhere online cheaper after applying the discount code so it would seem it's a good time to get yourself a bargain....but remember the code is only valid between the 21st and 22 of February.

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