Creepy Crawly @ Soldsmart $189.95

22 December 2006

Now the official name of these things is spelt with a K not a C so I'm unsure of whether this is a rip off of the original or not but the picture they're displaying is virtually identical (obviously if its a rip off) and the price they're showing as the retail is what you'd pay for an original.

If its actually a Kreepy Krawly then its a fantastic price - if not then someone let us know and we'll bump sold smart right down to the bottom of our list of merchants we keep an eye on as we'd consider this pretty unethical.

Soldsmart pays you 2.5% back and if you want to read how our cashback works have a look at

This is a superb Swimming pool automatic cleaner, otherwise known as the creepy crawly!!! It starts up fast and cleans the pool quietly and efficiently.
Carton Dimensions: 109cm x 44 cm x 15 cm
G.W: 7kg
Weight: 5kg
Colour: blue
Material: plastic

Per Hose length: 103cm
Diameter: 5cm
Pleated seal diameter: 41cm
Product dimension: 58cm x 70cm x 41cm

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  • admin EDITOR
    Interestingly - soldsmart contacted us on this deal - the email is as follows This is an enquiry email via from: SoldSmart <*******> I just wanted to respond to the comment you made on the following page about our swimming pool cleaners: The staff member who created the advert was not aware the 'Creepy Crawly' is a brand name. The use of the altered brandname in the advert was certainly not intended as a form of misrepresentation. We have since removed any references to 'Creepy Crawley' from the advert. You can view the new advert here : I hope you can please amend your comments. We certainly are not in the business of misleading people. Thanks! ******* SoldSmart

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