City Index will match your deposit up to $200

29 October 2008

Click Open an Account - Top right hand side of the page.

When applying for an account, when it asks you how did you hear about us, please select Expo and select Melbourne (unless you attended the expo in another city)

I recently attended the Property and Investment Expo in Melbourne and they mentioned this promotion. Just say you heard about the promotion through the Expo. You may have to send them an email once you have deposited $200 into your account, as I did.

You also get $100 credited to your account for signing up and for the first 8 weeks you do not pay for real live market data, nor do you get charged commission providing the value of the trade is under $1000
(CFD Price x Qty).

I signed up and deposited $200 and was given $200 cash in my account by City Index and then $100 in additional credit.

City Index trades CFD's. A CFD (contract for difference) is a leveraged product that allows an investor to benefit from the change in value of an underlying product without needing to own the security."

SEPERATE OFFER: Dont think this will apply here but keep it in mind. An Additional $100 credited to your account for referring a friend

Your friend will need to send an email to within a week of opening their account to inform our Client Services Team that they have been introduced by you. The $100 will not be payable if the above is not adhered to. You must inform the Client Services Team yourself when your friend or colleague has completed the five trades.

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  • ganga
    is the $100 credit for the referral?
  • AussieMarkMelb
    No I think the $100 credit is just for starting up an account. I mean thats what I got and I didn't mention anything about a referral. I was wondering whether I (and other buckscoop members) could get an additional $100 credit for referring people, but technically if you are mentioning the Trade Expo I doubt it would count hah. Either way I am happy to share =), but it is always worth a try! If anyone has any questions just let me know as I have been using my account for the past couple of days. **Edit** I have edited the above to make it clearer. THey deposit $200 Cash and $100 credit to your account so in total it is $300 but I dont know if you can withdraw the $100 credit. You dont need to do any trades or SPEND ANYTHING! All you need to do is deposit $200 into your account and they will match it. I hope that helps. I am awaiting a response in regards to any terms and conditions. Ignore the bit about the trades that is just if you want extra money for referring people Sorry for it being unclear guys
  • geo78
    somebody said on another forum: "The $100 credit is NOT able to be withdrawn, it is a small credit facility to be used when you trade. I think you have to keep the money in the account for 6 months. The fee for the platform is $38.50 a month if you dont make 10 trades a month." can you confirm or deny this? if so and you don't trade, you get $200 after 6 months, but you would have paid $231 by then...
  • AussieMarkMelb
    Sorry just a quick mention, make sure you sign up for the trading academy if you do join (an option in the application). That ensures no fees for the first 8 weeks. I'm still waiting to hear back about whether there are any time limits on keeping the complimentary $200 in the account, so maybe double check that. They give $200 cash and $100 credit. I would think the credit portion cannot be withdrawn. **Edit** Always best to double check any terms / conditions with these things, unfortunately they are a bit slow in getting back to me **Update** I can confirm the account must stay open for 6 months and 10 trades must be completed

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