Your Favourite Arnott's Biscuits Are Now Chocolate Blocks!

And your coffee break just went to a whole new level
Your Favourite Arnott's Biscuits Are Now Chocolate Blocks!

If you are passionate about your sweet bikkies, you might want to sit down for this: Arnott's has just recreated some of its most popular biscuit varieties as chocolate blocks - and yes, it includes the resplendent Iced Vovo. Click over to Coles and get them all in your cart STAT.

Loads of your faves have undergone the biscuit-to-choc metamorphosis, and they're not all sweet, either. You've got Jatz, Iced Vovo, Wagon Wheel, Scotch Finger, and the humble-yet-fabulous Ginger Nut. The block size is 170g, and they will set you back $5 each.

From all accounts, these blocks are more chocolate and less biscuit, but each one includes ingredients unique to the biscuits: coconut and jam for Iced Vovo, and salty-slash-cripsy bits for the Jatz.

Interestingly, these welcome newcomers to the treat aisle are not a collab with any major confectionery brand; they're actually made by Arnott's themselves.

This is massively exciting and I cannot wait to get these in my pantry, but I will say just one thing: where's the Mint Slice??

With the likes of Cadbury Creme Egg blocks, and Strawberries & Cream M&Ms hitting shelves in recent months, there's little doubt that confectionery makeovers are on the rise, and it begs the question: What will come next??

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[Image: Arnott's Australia]


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    why? Lol :joy:

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    I don't know about this :thinking:

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    Yum Yum

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    wagon wheel in a big block!!