Working Out: Cheap Personal Fitness Options

Working out and staying fit is on most people's agendas, but a gym membership can be expensive. So how can you find different ways to exercise cheaply? Well, if a standard gym membership is out of your budget's range currently, then you'll be happy to hear that there are plenty of low-cost or even free solutions you can have access too. 

The likes of public or non-profit centres can be a great solution and even bodyweight exercise in the park can be just as effective when done correctly. The guys over at Canstar Blue put the average cost of gym membership at $72 per month and if that’s a cost you would like to avoid then looking at your local green or recreational areas will certainly provide some more affordable options.


Big City Public or Non-Profit Gyms

YMCA AustraliaThe best thing you can do when in search of a cheap gym or more affordable exercise is to check for information in your local area about public gyms, fitness centres or community centres. If those efforts prove un-fruitful then you can always check local community college’s facilities too.

If you think you have found a relatively cheap option for personal exercise then it’s always worth asking what discounts they have to offer, as most places are likely to have family discounts, or options for seniors and veterans too.

If you don’t find what you are looking for from these establishments then you can always search some of the community-serving non-profit gyms. A good example is the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) and Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA). The brand has locations across the world, but sometimes membership can be more expensive depending on where you live. This is because each centre is owned and operated independently and the services and amenities can vary between centres. Every local also provides financial assistance that will factor in your income, family size and circumstances to try and provide you with a better deal.


Home Workouts

Working out at home is certainly one of the cheapest forms of personal exercise, requiring no money to be spent on training gear or anything else for that matter. However, whilst it might be the easiest and most affordable option, it’s not the most motivating of all.

If you have an Internet connection then you don’t even need to buy workout DVDs because there is plenty of free home workout sources on YouTube. Modern working out doesn’t have to involve jumping around your living room to a woman wearing a tight fitting candy shop coloured garment with big 80s style hair. You can also choose yoga, stretching or Bollywood style dancing for example.

Additionally, if you plan on staying at home to work out then using your body weight is also an effective form of personal exercise. If you master the method of using it to work out you can use it anywhere, at home in the park or even at the gym. It’s a versatile form of exercise that can provide great results too.


Park Gym Workouts

Most modern parks will have some form of exercise aid, whether it’s a pull up bar or something for abs exercises. Have a look around and see what you can utilise in the name of free personal exercise. Take a few moments to suss out the situation at the park and you may find out that you can use a variety of the apparatus to create a circuit training style workout.

If you are unaware of what circuit training is it’s basically a high intensity method for working out, e.g. you would perform one set of pull ups (8-12 reps) and then move to the next exercise and do the same again there and so on. You can include as many exercises in your circuit and you want to, and aim to complete that circuit 3-4 times. The busier the park, the more likely you are to choose a smaller cluster of exercises, before moving on to another small cluster. The main thing is to have as little a break as possible in-between each exercise for a cheap exercise alternative to gyms.

Using a park is the ultimate way to effectively work out for free and with the help of some online videos you can master a full body workout without having to spend a cent on gym membership. Great online sources of information are websites such as and their playground workout.

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