Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Quick and Easy Cooking Tricks

With that outdoors summer vibe over, many are probably looking for more ways to entertain ourselves indoors at home. And what better way that through one of the greatest joys, cooking. A meal can bring a family together or create new friendships and it’s always much easier when you know how to cook well.

If you feel like a fish out of water once you're away from the BBQ and stuck in front of a stove, then these food hacks will help you become a master of the kitchen with suggestions for quick and easy (yet tasty) recipe ideas. We are not looking to create gourmet food here, simply great tasting meals that require minimal effort to put together along with some tricks on how to improve your culinary skills overall.


The Perfect Steak Every Time

There's nothing better than a well cooked steak on the BBQ. But if like me you have a few different techniques that you switch between each time you cook on hot coals (with mixed results), then perhaps it's time to consider a gas BBQ. Their adjustable heat settings give you far more control, making the outcome of your steaks far more predictable. This video shows you how to cook the perfect T-bone steak in just 12 minutes, ending up with a thick dark crust and a juicy centre.

[Source: Amercia's Test Kitchen]


Make a Great Pourable Pizza Crust

Pizza is one of those meals that are simple, quick and tasty, but takeaways can sometimes be costly and filled with a high concentration of salt. If you like adding your own toppings then all you need to know is how to make a killer base. This video will show you how to create a thin crust that can be sized to suit any appetite, resulting in less food thrown away and a better control of your calorie intake.

[Source: Food Wishes]


Watermelon Party Trick

Probably more of a summer time thing, but if you plan on having a dinner party in the near future and are trying to come up with some creative and unconventional ways to display/prepare your food for guests, some of these watermelon tricks might be just the thing. If you're dreading the colder weather already, why not host your next dinner with a summer watermelon based theme.

[Source: payamak]


Chicken Fennel Bake

If you are looking for an all encompassing meal to prepare for dinner which doesn’t require much effort or minimal time standing over the stove, then this can be a great addition to your recipe arsenal. Rid yourself of the stressful weeknight meal preparation process and give this easy to prepare ‘sheet dinner’ a try which only requires 5 ingredients.

[Source: The Frugal Chef]


Chef Secrets

I thought this video would be a great way to round things off as it talks about a number of different tricks that chefs use in general around the kitchen. You may already be using some of these, but knowing the entire list will undoubtedly improve your overall culinary skills. Take the basics of cooking to the next level with these tricks, including everything from great ways to prepare scrambled eggs to cooking asparagus like a champion.

[Source: SORTEDfood]

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