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If your kids’ school roughly follows the term times stated on the Australia government website then they would have gone back to school this week for their final term 4 which will take them through to December. If you want the end of the year to be a breeze because the majority of this year has been a troublesome time getting the kids back to school, these hacks will certainly help you.

The following hacks will help you and your kids adjust back to term time either by preparing themselves correctly, ensuring they have everything or saving money in the process. Find out tricks and tips for students of all ages going back for their final term of the year.


General Back to School Life Hacks

This video has a great amount of useful tips to help with organisation plus if you have any school items that are showing some wear and tear then these ideas will help you prepare the likes of folders or laptop charger cables to withstand another couple of months damage.

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Weird DIY Back to School Supplies

The majority of kids hate to hear the phrase “back to school” especially after a fun holiday time with their friends. If you want to make the back to school episode more fun and entertaining, this video will show them how to make some fun and interesting supplies that they will be able to show off to their friends.



Back to School Snack Hacks

They eat like horses and always find some way to cram another morsel into their chops. Those kids who love a quick snack between class or even during lessons may enjoy learning some clever ways of concealing food without advertising to their hungry friends that they have any. These tricks can also be a great way to hide healthy alternatives and incentivise kids to eat more healthily purely because it’s in ‘cooler’ packaging.



Student Hacks

Students who are back to class but live with friends or by themselves may be looking for ways to save money or improve their life away from home. The video below contains hacks on how to prolong the life of a banana, how to make coffee without the coffee maker, save space within a tiny cupboard and much more.

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College Snack Hacks

Kids grow into adults but the majority of them take their habits with them, most prominently their insatiable appetite for food. Whether you want to save money by making your own tasty cereal bars or you want to beef up your bland popcorn for movie night there are a bunch of great food tips for any student.

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