Unicorn Chocolate Excavation Digs Are Back for Easter 2019!

Unicorn Chocolate Excavation Digs Are Back for Easter 2019!

Unicorns and chocolate. Does it get any better? Well only if the unicorn in question is millions of years old and needs to be DUG out of the chocolate! Kmart's Find a Unicorn Dig set is back for Easter 2019 after flying off shelves last year, and it's still only $5! Grab it while you can!

This excavation kit is going to make the day of any unicorn fanatic. It's essentially a thick milk-chocolate slab, in which a white unicorn is buried. By using the tools provided, you have to chip, smash, dig, sweep and nibble your way through the chocolate until you uncover the mythical beast, which is also edible.

Tools included are a hammer, spade and brush.

So. Much. Fun. And to think that you clean up the mess by eating it! Brilliant.

These will make sensational gifts for unicorn fans, and they're a fab alternative to eggs for Easter.

Along with most edible goodies at Kmart, this set looks to be available in store only. You can find your closest store here.


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