The Best Value Alternatives to Replace Your Presto Service

Presto, the Australian streaming service is planned to shut down in February 2017 due to increasing competition from Netflix and Stan. Although for many of us the service is inferior to Netflix, on the date of the closure announcement Presto had 130,000 subscribed customers.

Those of you still undecided on which service might be the right replacement may be interested to learn about other options on the market. Many of you may already have a second service, but if you still wish to have two subscriptions after Presto powers down, these are the best value options to fill the void.


Foxtel Play streaming service AustraliaAccording to Presto’s statistics the majority of their customers are subscribed to another account already, many of which will have either Netflix or Stan. The co-founder of Presto, Foxtel is hoping that customers switch to the Foxtel Play streaming service that offers a similar variety of movies, but with a greater focus on new releases. Catch up viewing is also possible with Foxtel Play because it allows you to watch episodes currently broadcasting. Further more, if you don’t like Netflix due to the restricted Australian library you will be happy to hear that they have exclusive rights to Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Westworld.

Foxtel does make things complicated for customers though because it’s broken down their channel selection into five categories, each charged monthly; Drama ($15) and Entertainment ($15) or $25 combined, Lifestyle ($10), Documentary ($10) and Kids ($10). Sports channels cost $25 and Movies are $20 per month, but cannot be bought alone. Foxtel doesn’t necessarily compete with Netflix because it’s more like Foxtel without the cable, rather than an alternative to the streaming giant.

Netflix on the other hand costs a meagre $8.99 per month for the basic package, whilst their most expensive 4K pack that can stream to four screens costs $14.99 per month. Netflix keeps everything simple, whatever is on there is there for you to watch and if you know a little about VPN services or want to find out more, you can access the USA, UK and other country’s library’s for more content.


Streaming Service Comparison

Whilst Netflix might be the obvious option, there are still plenty of ways you can save money by not subscribing to a new service and simply utilising the free forms of TV available online. YouTube has a number of programs uploaded to it plus there are a series of catch-up apps and free-to-air television channels such as: tenplay, ABC iView, 9Now, SBS On Demand and 7PLUS.

If you can spare an extra $15 per month on an additional service, or you would like to replace your Presto subscription then below is a price and title comparison to help you decide. In our opinion, although Netflix has fewer titles, the quality of that material is greater and the pricing options for 4K are very competitive, that’s why the best value for money in our opinion is the Netflix Australia service.


Netflix Package Pricing

$8.99 /month – Standard definition allowed on 1 device

$11.99 /month – High definition allowed on 2 devices

$14.99 /month – Ultra high definition allowed on 4 devices*

* Ultra high definition also known as Ultra HD or 4K is related to a screen that displays at least 8 million active pixels.


Competitor Pricing

Stan:               $10 /month with approx. 1250 titles

Foxtel Play:   $25-50 / month with approx. 3250 titles

Quickflix:      $9.99 / month with approx. 2300 titles

Ezyflix:           $3.99 per rental uploaded with approx. 2000 titles

Netflix Australia best value for money

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