Smiggle Teams up With Disney For the Ultimate Frozen 2 Collection

From stocking stuffers to backpacks, there's something for every princess
Smiggle Teams up With Disney For the Ultimate Frozen 2 Collection

Just in time for the release of the most anticipated sequel of 2019 and Santa's visit, Disney Frozen 2 has arrived at Smiggle stores and online - and this collection truly is fit for a princess.

It's no secret that Smiggle makes some of the most exciting, fun and best smelling gifts and gadgets around, but I have to say, the new Frozen 2 goodies are on a whole new level.

The range comes in two parts: Elsa and Anna, and kids have a choice of elaborately designed pencil cases, bags and accessories in the iconic colour schemes of both characters.

The Elsa Shoulder Bag ($44.95) comes with a very healthy dose of Disney sparkle, and makes a beautiful gift idea for girls who need a new handbag for summer. The Light-Up Lockable Journal ($34.95) is also a top pick for Christmas gifts, and a brilliant way to encourage preschoolers to practise their writing ahead of a new school year.

Smiggle Teams up With Disney For the Ultimate Frozen 2 Collection

Anna-themed favourites include the Double Decker Lunchbox ($32.95) with full insulation and loads of golden goodness, and the Anna Glitter Pen ($5.95) is the ultimate stocking stuffer for devotees of this quirky princess.

With Christmas looming, Smiggle have very conveniently compiled gift bundles for both the Anna and Elsa collections. The Elsa DIY Gift Bundle ($65.85) is the ultimate boredom buster for creative kids, and the Disney Frozen 2 Anna Mega Gift Bundle ($151.70) has everything kids need (and more) to kick off 2020 in some serious princess style.

New arrivals don't end with Frozen 2, though - Star Wars has also just landed, and it's the hands-down coolest gear in the galaxy. Don't miss it!

Standard shipping is $10.99 around Australia.


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  • Amy A.

    I know someone who will want this for next year lol

  • Jess R.

    I now hate Smiggle!!!! I know 2 girls that are going to want all of this :tired_face::tired_face:

  • Bianca O.

    that’s awesome!! Xmas ideas

  • Emma D.

    I saw :smiley::smiley: if she was in school I would definitely get it for her

  • Nicole M.

    big school collection! So cute x

  • Chantelle A.

    seen it in Sydney, was hard to walk past hahaha

  • Kristy H.

    omg I know she saw it last week and wants it all!

  • Sarah I.

    I want this for my princes :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

  • Naomi A.

    omg.. perfect for her new school should we!