Prepare For the Upside Down - LEGO 75810 Stranger Things is Here!

Prepare For the Upside Down - LEGO 75810 Stranger Things is Here!

Season three of Stranger Things is only a matter of weeks away (omg, omg!), and in perfect timing, LEGO has just launched its exclusive "The Upside Down" brick set, complete with Demogorgon and a light-up alphabet wall.

First up, note that this set is a LEGO exclusive, and as such, you're only going to find it at LEGO Shop Australia. At $349.99, it's not cheap - but just wait until you hear what's in it.

Right now LEGO The Upside Down is only available to VIPs (it's free to join by the way), but it will be selling to the public from 1st June, 2019.

Now, for any LEGO fans who haven't watched Stranger Things (sacrilege - watch it now!), the Upside Down refers to a parallel dimension to the normal human world, and a creepy one at that. Not only is the Upside Down dark and kind of icky, but it's inhabited by a murderous Demogorgon - not a creature you want to meet any time soon.

In this incredible LEGO set, the Upside Down appears right underneath the Byers home, which is a key location in the series, and it's awesome seeing the two worlds right next to each other - in LEGO bricks, no less.

Prepare For the Upside Down - LEGO Stranger Things is Here!

This set is a big one, with 2287 pieces. There are eight minifigures, which includes all major characters, and heaps of objects and features that are true, and in some cases pivotal to the series, like the light-up alphabet wall that Mrs Byers (Winona Ryder) used to communicate with Will when he was stuck in the Upside Down.

Rooms include Will's bedroom, the living room and the dining room. Some of the brilliant accessories in the set include Eleven's favourite Eggos waffles, a sling shot, walkie-talkies, the Byers' couch and loads more.

This one is right up there with The Flintstones exclusive set as a top fave for me.

Head over to LEGO Australia and secure yours now, with FREE shipping.


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