Praise The Coffee Gods! Baileys Coffee Pods Are Here!

Praise The Coffee Gods! Baileys Coffee Pods Are Here!

We kid you not, Baileys Original Nespresso-Compatible Coffee Pods are officially on shelves in Australia - and all our mornings, work breaks and pick-me-ups just went to the NEXT. LEVEL.

As if coffee wasn't already life for so many of us, the very idea of being able to combine it with the smooth flavours of one of our favourite liqueurs is beyond exciting, and it's the perfect way to enjoy a little luxury throughout the day.

The pods can be used in any machine that works with Nespresso pods. All you have to do is pop your pod in the unit, extract your shot of coffee (40ml approximately), and add your favourite milk. Or just sip it straight up, espresso style.

Now, the question you're all wondering: is there any booze in it?

The answer (sadly, for some) is no. These pods contain "a hint" of Baileys Irish Cream; enough to satisfy that craving for something yummy, but certainly not the real deal.


There is always an opportunity to turn these pods into a boozy delight - Baileys Coffee Martinis, anyone?

At this stage the Original flavour is all we've seen, but our eyes are peeled for signs of other varieties in Baileys' fabulous selection. (Salted Caramel, please!)

Remember at Woolworths, you can Click & Collect for FREE for orders over $30.


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  • Danielle G.

    I’ve been meaning to try these forever but we don’t have a pod machine :laughing: