Harry Potter Motion Sensor Training Wands Are Coming!

Harry Potter Motion Sensor Training Wands Are Coming!

If you take your Potter wizardry seriously, and know deep down that you belong in Dumbledore's army, you're going to positively flip over the latest collaboration from Warner Brothers and Jakks Pacific. Harry Potter Training Wands exist, and they will take your spell casting to the next level.

There are 11 different spells that require mastering in this set, and Wizards-to-be get a choice of three wands to train with, including Harry's. Each wand actually has a built-in motion sensor, and can determine (based on arm, wrist and hand movements) whether a spell has been performed correctly or not.

It gets better.

There is also ample opportunity to out-spell mates with Spell Practice mode, Wizard Tag and Dumbledore's Army modes - and of course, there are LED lights and sounds effects.

Harry Potter Training Wands are scheduled for release later this year. They are expected to sell at around US$25, so expect them to be at least $32 here in Australia, if indeed they reach us - and we've got everything crossed that they do!

[image: Jakks Pacific]


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