Personalise Your Vegemite in Time For Australia Day!

Personalise Your Vegemite in Time For Australia Day!

Big W stores around Australia have brought back personalised Vegemite jars for a limited time, and with Australia Day in sight, there's never been a better excuse to grab one.

We've seen loads of personalised food product over the years: Maltesers, Nutella, and Toblerone, to name a few. But when it comes to all-Aussie grub, it doesn't get more iconic than Vegemite.

If you love the yeasty spread that terrifies our tourists, or perhaps know someone who can't do smashed aco on toat without a smear of Vegemite in there, get over to a Big store now. You can order personalised 455g jars for just $10 a pop.

The offer is valid from 10th January through until the 26th January (Australia Day), and can only be ordered in physical Big W stores, not online.

Just head directly to the Big W Photolab and supply the required name for the label (no swearing, or obscenities, though - keep it clean). The single name will be printed in white on the official red Vegemite logo.

Such a fab Australia Day gift idea for true-blue Aussies, and a low-cost way to get into the spirit of all things 'Straya.

But it doesn't end there when it comes to Vegemite-fuelled fun.

Vegemite-flavoured, Aussie-shaped SHAPES recently landed in supermarkets, and fans have flipped. You can add them to your Shapes stash for just $3 a box at supermarkets around the country.

For even more goodies, check out the Vegemite Shop for official merch that includes towels, socks and caps.

[Image: Vegemite Facebook Page]


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