February Cheapest Month of the Year to Book International Flights, According to Skyscanner Data

The latest findings within the market suggest that February is probably best month of the year to go holiday shopping. As such, why not double the satisfaction of getting away by bagging a bargain on your flights at the same time by simply booking during the cheapest month of the year. This claim is based on data compiled by Skyscanner.com.au who looked at 250 million flights over a three year period to draw its conclusion around February being the most affordable time to make your overseas ticket reservations.

The results also suggested that on average the best way to get the lowest price on a flight out of Australia was to book 12 weeks in advance. While February was shown to be the cheapest month to book, the second week of November was actually found to be the cheapest week of the year. So get your diaries out and make a note guys because if you want to travel somewhere specific, I’ll show where and when to get the best prices.


People travelling in February on average will save around 11% on their ticket price compared to the rest of the year. But travellers booking holidays in the second week of November could save as much as 13.3% on their costs.

Alana Saphin, Skyscanners head of Marketing in Australia and New Zealand explained these results.

A number of factors such as airlines, destinations, ti me of year and flight routes can influence airfare prices making it difficult for travellers to know the best time to pin down the cheapest flight. By releasing our latest insights we are giving travellers the confidence that they will get the best deal on their next airfare.”


Skyscanner Searches the Internet for Flight FaresWhilst this is great that the company has released such insightful information, we must remember that there are no guarantees in life, especially when airlines have such sophisticated price management systems.

If booking to go away this month isn't an option for you, then not to worry as the data also showed May, October and November as having below average ticket prices. Booking times was another element that varied across the board. To those Aussies who travel to Bali, booking your airfares 19 weeks in advance was more cost effective, but booking to the UK required 12 weeks for the same saving results.

The reason for booking so much in advance for Bali and Thailand is purely down to supply and demand, mentions Saphin.

Below is a list of the best times to book your travel to particular destinations:

UK –                            book 12 weeks in advance and save 13%

USA –                          book 19 weeks in advance and save 14%

Thailand –                book 20 weeks in advance and save 12%

Indonesia –              book 19 weeks in advance and save 21%

New Zealand –        book 6 weeks in advance and save 12%


Taking advice from Saphin, the best way to get the cheapest flights is to book as far in advance as you possibly can and to also book in the seasons either side of the main holiday months. If you need help reminding you of when to book, Skyscanner has a price alert tool that can advise you about its bargain flights.

February is the Cheapest Month to book Flights

If you are planning on travelling this year to any of the below destinations, its worth checking the information below to see the best and worst times to travel.


Australia to Indonesia

Cheaper: February       Expensive: December


Australia to Italy

Cheaper: February          Expensive: July


Australia to France

Cheaper: November         Expensive: December


Australia to Malaysia

Cheaper: August                Expensive: December


Australia to Japan

Cheaper: June                     Expensive: December


Australia to Singapore

Cheaper: August                 Expensive: December


Australia to New Zealand

Cheaper: November           Expensive: December


Australia to Thailand

Cheaper: August                  Expensive: December


Australia to UK

Cheaper: February               Expensive: December


Australia to USA

Cheaper: February                 Expensive: December


In the results above, February is the least expensive time of year to book your flights with November following in a close second. So, if you are looking to travel this year, or know anybody who is, then share this article with them because you could save them as much as 21% on their ticket price. One final thing to state the obvious is whatever you do, refrain from booking you flights in December.

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