NEW Barbie & Hot Wheels Bears Arrive @ Build-a-Bear Workshop

NEW Barbie & Hot Wheels Bears Arrive @ Build-a-Bear Workshop

How exciting! Barbie and Hot Wheels bears have just arrived at Build-a-Bear Workshop, and they are AWESOME! As always, you can build these in-store, or order them from the online store ready to go.

While I'm personally loving the new Barbie bear (all that PINK!), my son will be beside himself over the Hot Wheels bear; that little racing suit really is next level.

With Build-a-Bear Barbie, you have the option of buying either a Barbie vet outfit, a tutu set, pyjamas, or a very fancy sparkle dress. Plus, of course, there are some pink Barbie heels to jazz up any look.

Build-a-Bear Hot Wheels accessories include the racing suit and short-sleeve set.

Each bear is $40 (without clothes), and accessories start at around $15.

Bears ordered online don't come with a personalised birth certificate, but if you show proof of purchase in a store, they will give you one.

Check out the Jurassic World bears while you've over there - they're fabulous!

Standard shipping is $9.85 in Australia.


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