Netflix Australia Arrives Undercutting Stan, Presto, Quickflix and Ezyflix

Netflix Australia has taken the country by storm, causing all the major streaming services to quiver in their boots. Suspicion littered the media prior to the launch that Australian customers would be let down with a poor content line up, potentially consisting of only two movies: ‘The Castle’ and ‘ Muriel’s Wedding’.

A Foxtel spokesperson commented yesterday, however, “It’s a stellar line-up – we cant deny that. We assumed that because consumers already own The Castle and Muriel’s Wedding on both VHS and DVD that they wouldn’t want them again. We were wrong.” So if you are seriously considering Netflix Australia, this is what you can really expect from the market leader...

The arrival of Netflix to our shores certainly comes close to being the most anticipated service within the online streaming world since online streaming became possible in Australia. They have aggressively priced their services to undercut the entire online streaming market across Oz. Their three tiered service costs look like this:

Netflix Package Pricing

Netflix Original House of Cards Series$8.99 /month – Standard definition allowed on 1 device

$11.99 /month – High definition allowed on 2 devices

$14.99 /month – Ultra high definition allowed on 4 devices*

* Ultra high definition also known as Ultra HD or 4K is related to a screen that displays at least 8 million active pixels.

Competitor Pricing

Netflix is here in Australia calm yourselfStan: $10 /month with approx. 1250 titles

Foxtel Play: $25-50 / month with approx. 3250 titles

Presto: $9.99/ month with approx. 1200 titles

Quickflix: $9.99 / month with approx. 2300 titles

Ezyflix: $3.99 per rental uploaded with approx. 2000 titles

Netflix: $8.99 / month with approx. 1120 titles

Netflix can be streamed using multiple device types ranging from Chromecasts to PlayStaions to Smart TVs. However, if you opt for the top of the range package, up to four people can stream Netflix simultaneously across four smart TV’s or across any combination of mobiles, tablets, games consoles and other streaming devices.

All Devices that Netflix can be Streamed on in HD and UHD

ISP’s Offering Unmetered Data

Netflix's Competition with Ezyflix, Quickflix, PrestoNetflix: Optus and iiNet

Stan: None

Foxtel Play: TBC

Presto: Telstra Bigpond, Foxtel Broadband

Quickflix: None

Ezyflix: TBC

Available Content on Netflix Australia

Screenshots have already shot around the Internet suggesting what Netflix Australia will hold for customers. Flagship shows such as Netflix’s own House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt have all been confirmed, along with plenty of animations and cartoons for kids such as Pingu, Puss in Boots and Mako Mermaids.

Netflix Australia has also created a section specifically for Australian releases which currently includes: Balibo, Bran Nue Dae, Rabbit Proof Fence, Rake, Redfern Now and a selection of Chris Lilley to name but a few.

This website has a full list of all content available on Netflix Australia taken in the form of screenshots, similar to the image below.

Netflix Australia Content currently Available from March 24th 2015

Future Shows to Expect

Already containing 1120 titles as of 24th March 2015, Netflix isn’t stopping there. They have intentions to continue building their arsenal, to add more Netflix original content as well as others films and series within their respective categories.

Next Episode, Next Episode, Next Episode Netflix Image

Netflix Originals

The following content to be released has all been confirmed by a Netflix announcement.

Imminent – ‘Bloodline’: It arrived on the 20th March on Netflix USA and should be confirmed for Australia shortly. It’s basically a family thriller from the makers of Damages and The Sopranos.

10th April - Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’: Debuting on the 10th April and will be one of four Marvel studios productions coming to Netflix. An individual series will also be made for each character A.K.A. Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

17th April – ‘Chris D’Elia: Incorrigible’: This stand up comedy special will become available.

22nd May – ‘Jen Kirkman: I;m Gonna Die Alone’: Another stand up comedy will be hitting your accounts.

May – ‘Gracie and Frankie’: Anticipated for sometime in May, it will star Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as two ‘frenemies’.

May – ‘Between’: Also anticipated for May. this survivalist thriller is set in a Canadian town where everyone over the age of 21 has died.

5th June – ‘Sense8’: the makers of the Matrix Trilogy are bringing their new series ‘Sense8’ to Netflix on 5th June.

12th June – ‘Orange is the New Black’: – Netflix have confirmed that the third season will be available on this date.

26th June – ‘What Happened, Miss Simone’: The documentary will be released to the service on 26th June after its successful premiere at Sundance.

17th July – ‘Wet Hot American Summer’: Netflix have commissioned a prequel series for the cult classic called Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, which will debut as a complete series.

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