Myer Releases App-Powered Naughty Or Nice Christmas Bauble That Glows!

Myer Releases App-Powered Naughty Or Nice Christmas Bauble That Glows!

Myer has just released its Naughty Or Nice Christmas Bauble, and it's definitely not your run-of-the-mill ornament.

This clever bauble comprises some techy Christmas magic to indicate to everyone in the home — and to Santa, whose opinion really matters — whether certain members of the household have been naughty or nice this year.

The bauble could be used for the kids, a partner or even a colleague, and will glow a brilliant green to indicate nice behaviour, or a very telling shade of red if naughtiness has prevailed.

This will get the kids to eat their broccoli.

How does it work?

Well, unlike your regular plastic or glass bauble, this one is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. (How's that for a modern-day bauble?!)

My installing the Myer Bauble App for Android or iOS, you will find yourself with the master controls of the bauble, and the power to determine whether the bauble's recipient is in fact naughty or nice.

You can connect up to five Myer Naughty Or Nice Baubles to the app at one, which works well for families with more than one child.

You'll need three AAA batteries to run the bauble, and you need to make sure Bluetooth is switched on in your phone's settings (and that you are within range) to be able to operate it.

The bauble puts itself to sleep after about five minutes of glowing, so one set of batteries should get you through the festive season.

This is going to be a popular one for Secret Santa this year, that's for sure.

You can buy the Naughty Or Nice Bauble in-store and online for $19.95 at Myer.

Free Click & Collect available, otherwise shipping is $9.95.


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