40% Off Interactive LEGO Hidden Side for Boxing Day @ Target

Build the set, contain the ghosts and save the town of Newbury!
40% Off Interactive LEGO Hidden Side for Boxing Day @ Target

For brick-building fans with a fascination for all things supernatural, new LEGO Hidden Side is something to be very excited about. Even more exciting, though, is the fact that all Hidden Side sets are reduced by 40% for Boxing Day at Target!

Using a combination of traditional LEGO brick play and augmented reality, LEGO Hidden Side is a virtual reality ghost chase of sorts, relying on the players to capture and contain rogue ghosts within the LEGO town, and restore peace to the hood.

First, players build the town...

There are a number of different builds in the series, each taking the form of some part of the town of Newbury.

All of these brilliant sets are packed with details and accessories to facilitate heaps of awesome LEGO play, and some even have the ability to be transformed from their regular state to their "possessed state" (think green claws and other eerie embellishments), so builders can choose which world they want to dive into when playing with the sets.

Builders can enjoy all of these sets on their own; the digital component is an extra, but not vital to the builds.

Interactive LEGO Hidden Side Just Landed in Australia

Download the free LEGO Hidden Side app to bring the town to life

The free app (iOS and Android) enables builders to get inside the builds and see the set in augmented reality.

Once downloaded, the first step is to scan the build into the app, then watch it come to life.

The aim of the game is to find and contain the ghosts hidden within the builds, but to do that builders have to locate points of possession within the set and track down the hidden ghouls within.

The fabulous thing about LEGO Hidden Side is that builders have to physically interact with the set while using the app to hunt down and capture the ghosts, so there is equal parts physical and digital play going on.

Interactive LEGO Hidden Side Just Landed in Australia

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