How to Save Money at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016

If you haven’t been paying attention, then yes, it’s that time of year again when the Sydney Royal Easter Show comes to town. We all know how the day's expenses can spiral out of control if we’re not careful and that’s just if we’re alone. Add kids to the mix and spending can really skyrocket. If you want to save money but still enjoy yourself at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, then today I'll look at some of the best ways to pay less.


To give you a taster, did you know that you could save $12 on your ticket if you rock up to the show after 4:30pm? That’s right, ticket prices drop per adult from $38.50 down to $26.50, whilst children’s entrance tickets are $16 instead of $23.50. If that’s the kind of money saving tips you’re after then keep reading to see what else we have for you in the rest of this article.


Free activities to save money at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016Firstly, getting cheaper tickets is a great place to start. To pay the discounted prices mentioned above, purchase tickets after 4pm at either Sydney Trains NSW Trainlink Intercity stations or the Sydney Olympic Park Major Event buses on each day of the show. The saving you make from buying tickets  during these hours is 30%.

Otherwise, if you prefer the convenience of buying your tickets online instead, then head to the Buckscoop Vouchers page. Here you'll find a number of discount codes that'll save you between 20-25% off the price of entrance tickets when bought online via Ticketmaster.

Next up are the rides. Now it goes without saying that if you want to save money then you need to buy your tickets online. The savings you can make on Sydney Royal Easter Show rides can be as much as 20%, like for example, the Coca-Cola Carnival and Kids’ Carnival. To buy 110 coupons it will cost you $96 plus a $2.50 transaction fee.

If you plan on driving to the carnival and want to find all day parking, you'll pay roughly $25. However, it’s far easier to pre-book online, so save yourself the hassle and know where you’re heading beforehand - especially if you have “are we there yet” kids on the backseats.



If you weren’t aware before then it's good to know that trains, buses and ferries to get you to the show grounds are all included within the ticket prices. So don’t go booking additional transport on top to get you to the Easter Show.


Free Activities

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016 free animal showsIt’s always a good idea to head to the free activities first because if the kids end up enjoying themselves there for hours, well that's already going to equate to some significant savings. A free attraction that gets plenty of attention each year is the one where kids can get up close to farmyard animals, so keep an eye out for it and try to get there as early on as possible.

Throughout the event there are also plenty of competitions and shows that can be enjoyed for free too. If you fancy getting dad to compete in a wood chopping competition, he can do it for free, plus he gets a free gym workout at the same time. Alternatively, visit some of the rodeo, wood chipping and whip cracking shows for more free entertainment.



How to save money at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016

Excitement and activities will lead to empty stomachs and all the food vendors at the fare know this. So outsmart them by taking a rucksack with some pre-made sandwiches and snacks to sustain yourself throughout the day. If you're planning on bringing kids then this tip can save considerable amounts of cash.

If you didn't pack enough, well before forking out money for more food, it might be worth taking yourself to some of the free-food tasting areas first. Look out for the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome where you can eat from over 100 exhibitors all offering free tasting samples.

Another tip if you're planning on eating at the show, is to beat the crowds by purchasing your food online before you arrive. There are a wide variety of meal combinations to choose from starting at $10, or you can indulge in a Sydney Royal Tasting Plate for a slightly more expensive $17.


We truly hope these money saving tips for the Sydney Royal Easter Show help you pay less during your time there, and we would greatly appreciate any tips that you might like to add for other readers by leaving a comment below.

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