Hot Cross Bun M&Ms Are an Actual Thing! Get Them Here

Hot Cross Bun M&Ms Are an Actual Thing! Get Them Here

If you're still reeling from the fact that Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream is here for Easter, then you might want to sit down for this: Hot Cross Bun M&Ms just arrived, and you can buy them right now at Coles & Big W stores around the country.

With a little bit of Easter spice, a satisfying chunk o' choc, and that trademark crispy shell, Hot Cross Bun M&Ms are going to be mighty tough to resist.

Each pack is filled with brown-hued chocolate morsels that represent the colours of hot cross buns perfectly. There's the light beige for the iconic cross, the darker brown for the glazed outer bun, and a medium brown for that stodgy and perfectly spiced centre.

Admit it, you really want to try them.

Before you grab your keys and go flying out the door to the nearest servo, it's worth knowing that you will only find Hot Cross Bun M&Ms at two stores in Australia.

Coles supermarkets are stocking 160g share packs online and in stores for $4 a pop. If you know you're gonna need to go large with your supply of this ridiculously exciting new arrival, Big W has the whopping 640g bucket available in stores.

Like the new Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream, these Easter-themed goodies are a strictly limited edition. Clear some space in the pantry, you're going to need to start stockpiling ASAP.

Standard shipping ranges from $4 - $18 at Coles Online. Click & Collect available on orders over $50.


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