Dick Smith’s Big Christmas Clearance Sale: Mammoth or Messy?

You may have heard that Dick Smith have kicked off a crowd stirring clearance sale in the run up to Christmas this year. Huge discounts and bargain prices on what they claim as unwanted stock. Gerry Harvey from Harvey Norman described the sale as suicidal for company's profits.

Dick Smith announced its in-store sale last week and its Facebook page claims to offer up to 60% off on smartphones, fitness equipment, printers, tablets and toys. If you want bargain prices on TVs, Blu-ray players and audio equipment then they claim to have 70% off deals those too, but not everything is as sweet as it sounds with this sale...


Falsely advertised Dick Smith clearance sale blender

Customers have been quick to pick out some terrible deals, or perhaps maybe it was a website glitch that revealed the truth about how retailers hike prices up before a sale. Twitter user ‘@Disco_Ess’ pointed out that a Dick Smith ‘Breville Kinetix Lite & Mighty’ blender was on sale for $69.95, when actually the retailer was saying its RRP was $32. Whoops!

Facebook customers have complained that within hours of the sale being announced, numerous products could not be found. Dick Smith said that the stores could not hold the stock, however they would honour all sales if the company still had stock available. Could this be another case of encourage customers to rush down to Dick Smith, but not actually offering them any good value for money or having enough items available?

Facebook users had plenty to say on the matter. James Hale commented that he had been to two stores but there “doesn’t seem to be any TV deals out of the ordinary”.


Clearance sale from Dick Smith doesn't have any bargain TV deals

Numerous customers also complained that when visiting stores spread across Australia and being unable to find the heavily discounted goods they'd seen advertised, they were advised by staff that the sale did not exist. So it appears as though large quantities of Dick Smith staff missed the clearance sale memo. Very embarrassing indeed.

However, to appease some of the disappointment for you bargain hunters out there, there are still a few deals that you can get from Dick Smith online as well as some of its competitors (without the hassle of dealing with incompetent sales staff). Below the recent top offers submitted to Buckscoop on electronics, where I've also included the price comparisons to put into perspective just how good they are:


Online Bargains and Deals


JB Hi-Fi



Nikon D3300 SLK DSLR + Lens + 4 bonus items

$414 (body only)



UE Boom 2 bluetooth speaker




Logitech X50 wireless speaker




8GB USB flash drive




Dick Smith vouchers 2015 clearance sale


Angus Nicholson, IG's market analyst called the Dick Smith sale, “an act of desperation”. He continued to talk about how a 70% clearance sale doesn’t create profit, but actually costs the company money. All a clearance sale does is help them get rid of stock. In the eyes of the customer a huge benefit is that the competition such as JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman will suffer and as a result have to reduce their prices to compete for as long as they can.

Dick Smith isn’t just doing this out of the goodness of its heart by the way, I’m sure whichever news channel you watch has covered the fact that their company's share price has plummeted by 70% recently. This massive drop is a direct consequence of Nick Abboud, chief executive of Dick Smith, decreasing the value of the company's stock by $60 million. JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman, direct competitors are both smiling whilst at the same time feeling very worried about the upcoming price war. Generally though, and similar to previous Masters vs. Bunnings which I wrote about, the biggest winners during these battles are us, the price victorious customers!


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