Dan Murphys and First Choice Liquor Keeping Online Wine Prices Competitive in 2015

Buckscoop has been picking up on a trend within the online wine market recently, with two big players in particular kicking up a stir. The surge of activity from these retailers appears to be off the back of the respective campaigns which they're currently running, making it an opportune time to pick up a wine bargain online.

The first retailer, which isn’t necessarily a surprise, is Dan Muprhy’s with their “Nobody beats Dan’s" promo. The second is First Choice Liquor who appears to be stepping up their competitive pricing game drastically. Its good to see First Choice in particular making great strides towards reducing their prices, as last year we certainly wouldn't have classified them as a place to shop for regular wine bargains. Their current campaign, titled “Better than Half Price”, is based around three bottle bundles and is proving to be very competitive indeed. Let's take a closer look at exactly where you can find the best deals in each of these respective campaigns right now.


Dan Muprhy and 1st Choice sell White, Red and Rose Wine at below Market PricesLast year Buckscoop only featured a total of six good value deals from First Choice which offered prices below market rates. Contrast that with what we've seen during the first three and a half months of 2015 so far (a total of seven offers), and it certainly looks like a far more promising start to the year for them. Take this three bottle bundle for example.

Dan Muprhy’s, who generally offer some of the best prices across single bottles and cases of wine online, have upped their frequency of good bargains in response it would seem. Since kicking off their “Nobody beats Dans” campaign, the frequency of cheap wine deals has ratcheted up a few notches. The other thing that we love about Dan’s is the fact that pretty much every month you can avoid shipping costs by utilising their free shipping voucher for orders to metro areas (on purchases over $15).


Pepperjack Shiraz Cabernet 2013 at Dan Muprhy's for below market RatesThe beauty about this voucher is that due to its low minimum spend threshold, it can also be used to get a single bottle of quality wine shipped directly to your front door free of charge. So you avoid the hassle of having to order a half dozen or a dozen bottles just to avoid having to pay delivery charges. Take the much loved Pepperjack Shiraz Cabernet 2013 at Dan's right now. You could have a bottle of this immensely popular wine shipped to your home for just $22.99. Compare this price to other retailers, where you'd still need to factor in delivery costs on top:

   $27.99 – Vintage Cellars (Metro delivery charges $6.95 / Free delivery over $150)

   $17.99 – WineOnline (Metro delivery charges $12)

   $22.95 – WineMakersChoice (Metro delivery charges $10)

   $24.00 – First Choice Liquor (Only deliver cases / free shipping threshold $150)


By the way, keep an eye out as Dan's sometimes drop the Pepperjack into their ‘Nobody Beats Dans’ offer which means its price usually drops to around $16.95 per bottle.

Dan's free shipping voucher with it's low minimum spend criteria can also be handy on cheaper bottles of wine. If you have any favourites costing in the $7.50 to $9.00 per bottle price range, remember that it's far better value for money to buy two bottles and receive free shipping rather than having to pay an extra $7 just in delivery charges for one.

Gossips Cabernet Merlot 2014 available at Dan Murphy'sTake Dan Murphy’s Gossips Cabernet Merlot 2014 (Voted Top 100 products of 2014) as an example, which can be bought for a measly $3.70 per bottle. If you were to buy four bottles it would cost you $14.80 plus the additional $7 for shipping, totalling $21.80. Yet, had you purchased six bottles instead and then applied their free shipping voucher, you would have actually ended up saving $0.80 overall while getting two extra bottles. Starting to get the picture of how useful this free shipping voucher can be?

FYI - competitors price the same wine at:

   $5.99 – Woolworths Online ($149 Shipping threshold / delivery charges $11)

   $6.99 – Wine List Australia (Free Shipping over $200)


The voucher code can make all the difference to customers who don’t want to buy an entire case, which is what most companies in the industry like to encourage you to do. On a side note, Dan Murphy’s also sporadically run 24 hour vouchers which give $20 off a minimum spend of $60. When used in conjunction with free shipping, these can provide rock star prices on wines.

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First Choice

With the online wine market in Australia rapidly evolving, First Choice Liquor must be taking note of what customers now expect to pay for various wines on the net. Our resident deal hunter ‘vikk’ found one of their best deals on at the moment, a three bottle bundle of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc for a total of $24. It consists of 2 x Cradle Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and 1 x Stoneleigh Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

First Choice Liquor Logo with New Competitive Pricing in 2015What grabbed my attention with this offer is that I've seen the Stoneleigh individually priced at $15 per bottle over at Dan Murphy’s. When checking out other competitors such as Liquorland for the same three bottles, I found that you would have to pay closer to $44. In short, this means First Choice’s offer is undercutting market prices by up to 45%. Shipping is excluded from this price, but metro delivery is only $6.95, regional is $11.95 and to the country First Choice charge $18.95 (still means you end up with a great deal).

Even if you lived in Tasmania, however, and incurred the maximum delivery cost of $18.95, you'd still receive the three wines to your door for a total of $42.92, which is cheaper than buying it from Liquorland before you taking delivery charges into account.

If you are looking for a specific wine that Dan's doesn’t offer, then make sure you check out First Choice next as their angle of attack seems to be a focus a specifically trying to offer wines which Dans doesn’t stock. Plus, their more competitive approach to pricing this year may provide you with wines at lower prices too.

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