Ready To Colour? Crayola Beauty Make-up Line Has Arrived at ASOS

 Crayola Beauty Arrives at ASOS

The brand new Crayola make-up range, which is exclusive to ASOS, is equal parts nostalgic and off-the-charts exciting. We're talking BIG colour, bold expression and a whole lot of fun; this is Crayola for the bigger kids. Prices start at $18 for single multi-use crayons.

Just like the Crayola SuperTips your kids are probably using every day at school, the casing of palettes, highlighters, crayons and mascaras is classic monochrome, with trios packaged up in a trademark retro green and yellow box.

Faves include:

Crayola has always been about one thing: colour, and that's just what the beauty range dishes up. Rich reds, glowing yellows, aquatic blues - these are colours to play with, experiment with, and enjoy. Just like you did with your box of 24 assorted crayons back in the day.

Now, to pick a colour...

Standard shipping is $5 to Australia, or FREE over $40.

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