Caramilk Cream Cheese Available Now at Woolworths

Pass me a spoon!
Caramilk Cream Cheese Available Now at Woolworths

Philadelphia has joined forced with Cadbury to bring about what could just be the most exciting thing to have entered the dairy aisle in a while: Caramilk cream cheese. It's arriving on shelves as we speak, and available at Woolworths online now!

The country has been going slightly batty over the return of Cadbury Caramilk recently, but this irresistible spin-off of one of the most famous blocks of chocolate ever is next-level exciting.

Fans are already abuzz with baking ideas on social media, and in particular, Caramilk cheesecake - which for some of us, just might be good enough to replace the Pav this Christmas.

If baking isn't your thing, you can always scoff it with a spoon.

Word is that these 250-gram tubs of yumminess are only around for a short time, so clear a shelf in the fridge and prepare to start stockpiling. That's what I'm off to do.

Philadelphia Caramilk Cream Cheese is $4.30, and Caramilk blocks are on special for $3.

Woolworths has free Click & Collect for orders over $30.

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